10 Foods That Damage Your Teeth

yapisik gidalar - 10 Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Today, many dental ailments are also seen as the cause of the disease and other organs, and adverse effects. For the health of our teeth, a number of experts, they were found in the notices.


As far as we can out of here foods you need to stay away;


Fruit juices

7 foods that damage your teeth are lower than the PH. In fruit juices the PH to 2.5 is very harmful to our teeth.



Again, the low pH food is one of the SI bio. Therefore will damage your teeth. PH 2 is quite low.

white bread

White Bread

Amylase enzyme converts carbohydrates into sugar and is found in saliva. With the emergence of the dangers of sugar, the bacteria eat sugar and with the emergence of acid becomes.


Dry fruit

They are sticky dry fruits because it is very easy to remain stuck in the mouth. Not according to continuous tooth brush to your teeth is very harmful. Will cause it to rot.



Dry mouth is the perfect environment for tooth decay. Alcohol will cause the mouth to dry out.So it is very harmful for your teeth.


Energy drink

All drinks contain acid that will cause tooth decay. Energy drink to the teeth because it contains plenty of acid when the damage is greater.



Among the most damaging beverages is the most destructive to teeth. Because high amounts of sugar and acid your teeth are identical to those inside.


Conjoined foods ( jelly beans, marshmallows, etc.)

Even sugar is more harmful. ‘Sticks and acid they contain.



Difficult to chew ice. However, if you have your fill of ice will cause them to break easily.

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