10 Reasons For Having A Dog

INTRODUCING DOG AND BABY Featured - 10 Reasons For Having A Dog

1. Dogs helps treat depression

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Giving a hand with everyday problems or more severe depression, it is easier to overcome by the dogs. With loyalty to you they can heal.

2. Reduces heart problems dogs

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Seems to be less heart disease in people who are dog owners. The reason for this is less stress for you to be more active and live.

3. The dogs go to the doctor less to the old owners provide

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Thanks to the owners of the dogs revealed by positive emotions and good feelings, decreasing the need for you to go to see the doctor.

4. Eczema in children is good for dogs

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According to research, children who lived in the house with the dog disease eczema less are caught.

5. Allows dogs to socialize

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Outside dogs get out more and allows you to get close to other people more.

6. Allows dogs to stay fit

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A person who has a dog more active and are doing more exercise than normal.

7. Dirt healthy babies ensures that they remain dogs

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Research shows they’re healthier for babies in the house with the dog without your dog back home. Babies less coughing, having a runny nose and an ear infection they’re having.

8. Dogs cancer can diagnose the disease early

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Dogs have superior olfactory senses can become aware of thanks to the person that resides next to lung cancer.

9. People can understand the psychology of dogs

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According to research, most of the people who are in dogs weeping and sorrow, happiness are more willing than the people who live. As a result of this research is to empathize with people and dogs reveals that they are very keen to work to make them happy.

10. Dogs can detect low blood sugar

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Thanks to dogs ‘ sense of smell, can identify low blood sugar. They can warn both sugar and falling of the person, the person who had a diabetes attack and also they can call for help when it’s barking.
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