10 Tips To Ease The Process Of Pregnancy

period pregnancy - 10 Tips To Ease The Process Of Pregnancy

The aftermath of a love marriage that will sweep you off a feet wonderful news I have received… raise your little family, that will add joy to your spirit you will be joining a small member.

Pregnancy doubt that would make you a lot better. Your beauty along with a healthy pregnancy you and your baby more easily with a nine-month offer. The world in order to bring your baby in a healthy way you need to pay attention and make your life easier we have compiled 10 essential rules that will for you.

pregnancy 300x200 - 10 Tips To Ease The Process Of Pregnancy

1. Increase the amount of calories.

So you will be more which is to be fed with a tiny creature. Naturally, the amount of calories you normally receive will not be enough nutrients for you. In addition to their high nutritional value amount of calories 300 calories more if you add more you can spend to have a healthy pregnancy.

2. Eat little but often.

This particular period of course, nausea, vomiting will be a variety of symptoms such as your body. To reduce them, eat the food less and less often dry and not too hot.

3. * Take folic acid.

3 of your pregnancy. the hosts of folic acid in it until the end of the month broccoli, okra, asparagus, beets, eat foods such as nuts. Folic acid provides a great contribution to your baby’s mental development.

4. Drink plenty of fluids.

One of several negative effects that pregnancy brings is constipation. Don’t disturb yourself and your baby with such a serious problem, and consume plenty of fluids-fiber foods with a priority.

5. Exercise.

Yes you are pregnant but I am constantly eating and lying down wouldn’t be either! Heavy and it’s not dangerous as long as you do the exercises and walking regularly throughout your pregnancy. These exercises will help you during you birth, the easier will prepare you for a painless childbirth.

6. Keep your skin moisturized constantly.

Especially your chest and abdominal area, under the influence of the cracks before you take precautionary measures your weight; this particular region of your body wet with their cream.

7. Sleep on the hard floor.

In the last months of pregnancy, your baby will grow, you, and your spine will hold much weight. Sleeping on a hard floor dry and your back pain will reduce.

8. Choose cotton underwear.

Do not risk yourself in terms of hygiene and comfort. Pregnancy period so that it will be easier.

9. Use a comfortable bra.

Pregnancy your breasts will begin to fill up with milk, and as time went on, your breasts will grow. Your breasts are very sensitive in this period both comfort and milk to your shake also use a more appropriate bra.

10. Take a warm bath.

More overwhelmed, especially in the summer you can, but you may prefer to take a bath with lukewarm water instead of cold wate

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