bal arisi papatya - 15 HONEY BEES UNFAMILIAR FEATURE


Would you like to get to know a little better the achievements of decreasing numbers?

1 – waving their wings 200 times per second at a speed of 24 km per hour, bees can fly.

2 – People is the only insect that they use as food.

3 – Bees the faces of people they had ever seen before, features, and by paying attention to details, they can recognize it when they see it again. (Source: The New York Times)

4 – 2 look like they have large eyes, although the bees actually have 5 eyes. That big of bees that help to interpret the intensity of the light between the 2 eyes 3 eyes.

5 – honey bees dance to communicate. This dance shake/wobble meaning of “waggle” is called. (Source: National Geographic)

6 – honey bees, just like humans, they take the stress on professional concerns propelling them due to inefficiency. (Source: New York Magazine)

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7 – Average colony of 50.000 – 80.000 a break between experiences.

8 – honeybee flower visits per day of approximately 2,000.

9 – The Queen bees throughout their lives, unlike other bees, are fed with royal jelly only.

10 – most of the bees in a hive, but there is only 1 queen. Male bees “drone” is called several hundred units.

11 – 500 gr honey Bees in order to make 88 thousand miles and visit approximately 2 million flowers yet they have to go.

12 – throughout the life of a bee, a 1/12 of teaspoon of honey % produces.

13 – honey is the natural guardian and the bacteria do not grow. For example, honey in Egyptian tombs was still edible.

14 – Bees they’re on earth for about 300 million years.

15 – the color and taste of honey, which bees collecting nectar from flowers with respect to varies.

We’re working like bees to bees!

Bees are in trouble all over the world! Intensive pesticide use, habitat loss, climate change, unbalanced urbanisation, many of the alarming decrease in the number of bees along with pollinators manner causes. We buğday association that bees and other pollinators, eco-friendly beekeeping we have started our journey to support!

EU Erasmus + programme is supported by “the bees Alive” (live and let Bee) project we are conducting. Our aim together with our partners, traditional and eco-friendly beekeeping to extend knowledge, share our experiences and eco-friendly products by increasing awareness and demand for supply support.Accordingly, we have identified our partners: from the Netherlands foundation for Beekeeping Smart (Smart Peeing Foundation), the foundation from England, Natural Beekeeping (Natural beekeeping trust) Aronija from Macedonia and Organic product Manufacturers Association.

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