15 The World’s Tallest Building

al hamra - 15 The World's Tallest Building

15 The World’s Tallest Building

As technology evolves toward the sky underground both architectural and also continues to rise. People can’t fit into the big wide world is so greedy. 15 the tallest building in the world…

Place towards the bottom of the trust-storey car parks, soaring skyscrapers, and more…

Small world, isn’t it? People borders on greed unfortunately, when we’re fit into the big wide world.

Hundreds-storey skyscrapers and it’s like we’re having an orgasm. Orgasm is strong when all of us means we have to prepare the contents 15 of the tallest buildings in the world.

Are you ready? Here we go…

15) Al Hamra Tower


Located in Kuwait, this tower 1,124 meters high.

14) Princess Tower


Once the world’s tallest residential building. 101-storey Dubai – United Arab Emirates is located in. 1,356 feet (413 meters) in height.

13) Jin Mao Tower


This tower is in Shanghai. Are located in China and 1.380 feet (420 meters) in height.

12) Trump International Hotel


This tower (Chicago) is located in the USA. The highest building in the world planned as a construction material is concrete. 1,389 feet (423 feet) in height.

11) Guangzhou International Finance Center


(Guangzhou) China, and 1,439 feet (438 meters) in height.

10) KK100


KK100 Shenzhen China jewelry. Currently in Shenzhen, China’s second tallest building. A hotel and a shopping centre. Building height is 1.449 feet (441 meters) in height.

9) Willis Tower


(Chicago) are located in the United States, 442 meters high.

8) Zifeng Tower


Located in China’s Nanjing city. 449 meters high.

7) Petronas Towers


41 and 42. a bridge that connects the floors. 452 meters high. Malaysia, located in Kuala lampur.

6) International Trade Centre


Located in Hong Kong. 484 meters high.

5) Taipei 101


East Asian architecture emulates. Each floor of the building is divided into 8 different sections. 508 meters high. Located in Taipei City in Taiwan.

4) One World Trade Center


541 meters high. So equal to 1776 feet. This figure is the year of the independence of the United States.

3) Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel


601 meters high. Next to the Kaaba. There are shopping centers and hotels. They didn’t build buildings higher than the Ka’aba Muslims in the past. Especially in the Ottoman period. However, at this moment found by the side of this tower and the Kaaba, the British Clock Tower, the Big Bang is associated with. What is there to say…

2) Shanghai Tower


127 floors and 632 meters. In China.

1) Burj Khalifa


In Dubai, UAE Burj Khalifa full income 2,717 $ feet (828 meters) in length. The world’s tallest building! Full-163 floors and it took 6 years of construction.

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