8 Bird Species Extinct In The Last 20 Years

In this century extinct bird from 8 5% to BirdLife species native to the South American continent, announcing their ancestry to the continent that spread in a growing wave of now pointed out.

A coalition of conservation organizations, BirdLife International, bird life, using a new statistical analysis, 21. century 8 bird species is extinct, he said. Among the endangered species the ‘Rio’ as the protagonist of the cartoon after conquering the hearts all over the world, Brazil’s bright blue parrot ‘has been in spix’s macaw.

They are mostly small species of endangered birds living on the islands in history, the invasion of other species or overfishing of this species by humans which emphasizes incurring as a result of taking off to BirdLife International, pointed out that a very important change this time is out of the question.

Forest or no life

21. century extinct bird from 8 to 5% are the only species on the South American continent, voicing BirdLife of life in Brazil, continuing the economic activities of people in these birds due to the destruction of the Amazon forests and the natural environment over the world because of the disappearance of noted be deleted.

It’s Because Of People

The organization of the chief scientist Stuart Butchart, accessible, according to the latest research, the extinction crisis that is developing in the continent, stems from the destruction of their natural habitat by humans stated.

“People when they talk about endangered birds, the Dodo bird comes to their mind. Today, however, it takes time and climbs to extinction,” Butchart said:

“Historically, bird extinctions, 90% of small populations on remote islands. Now, however, the lineage is spreading to a growing wave in the beginning of the continents, and this unsustainable agriculture, sewage water mixing, stems from habitat loss as a result of the cessation of the trees.”

Of the International Union for conservation of Nature (IUCN) this year’s ‘Red List’ assessment, according to more than 26,000 species around the world threatened.

6. Entered The Age Of Great Exhaustion Alert

6 of the world expressed by the IUCN. entering the age of great concern about the exhaustion that validates a lot of research published.

In this century among the endangered birds, native to Brazil, the bright blue makav (spix’s macaw), the mysterious tree Hunter (Hunter cryptic tree), the leaf area of the observer Alagoas (Alagoas foliage-gleaner) and up to 15 cm tall pinky the owl of the region of Pernambuco (Pernambuco pygmy-owl) we notice that.

Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, living in makav matte blue (glaucous macaw) natural forests for farming activities which is the area of the palm disappeared upon discontinuation.

source: sputniknews.com
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