19144938 - Kenneth Joseph Arrow's Paradox

Kenneth Joseph Arrow’s Paradox

Born of Romanian immigrant parents in New York, Kenneth Joseph Arrow (1921-2017) neo-classical Economics beyond having one of the most important names, a sociologist, aRead More

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avenue t - What Is Stonehenge?

What Is Stonehenge?

Stonehenge, the world’s oldest and still managed to survive until the present day the works are among also the fact that its popularity is knownRead More

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9844 kuantum mekanigi2 300x192 - Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes

The Nazis perhaps in another universe they won the war, and that the universe is ruled by the Nazis. The dinosaurs they became extinct. They managed toRead More

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9791 tac kapi 479531 300x202 - What Is Mukarnas ?

What Is Mukarnas ?

Mukarnas or mukarnes, the carrier switching is one of the techniques of Islamic architecture and ornament. Islamic architecture is considered as one of harikuladelik this technique,Read More

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9687 smarketing 300x210 - What Is Supervision?

What Is Supervision?

Supervision The therapy process, therapists must put aside their own identities in the process. An objective to establish a relationship with clients are required. However, it isRead More

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