25 Extinct Dog Breeds

25 Extinct Dog Breeds - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

25 Extinct Dog Breeds


Although it is not known exactly how many different dog breeds in the world have ever lived, according to the records of the World Canin Organization, 339 dog breeds have been recorded. But this list does not include dozens of extinct dogs, even if they are the ancestors of today’s races. Here are the 25 dog breeds that no longer exist today;


1 Alpine Mastiff


AlpineMastiff1 - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

Today he is known as the ancestor of the mastiff race. It was accepted as the largest race in the UK. Alpine Mastiffin breed with the Newfoundland or Great Dane breed. Bernard is.

2 Norfolk Spaniel


Norfolk%20Spaniel%20 - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


Norfolk Spaniel, also known as Shropshire Spaniel. They lived until the beginning of the 20th century. Then, the English Springer Spaniels race was born.

dog traning - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

indir - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

3 Braque du Puy


Braque du Puy - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


Known as France’s hunter dog, he hunted on the plains. It was a flexible and fast kind of dog. They were also known as Dupuy Pointer.

4 English Water Spaniel


English Water Spaniel1 - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

He was extinct in the early 1900s. He was known as the English Water Spaniel for hunting birds and swimming in water. He was considered a good hunter because he dived into the water while hunting.

5 Hawaiian Poi Dogs


Hawaiian Poi Dog - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

Her name comes from Poiden. It is said that this breed of American origin is quite overweight, because it is a highly affordable dog food. According to the writings of Captain Cook, these dogs with short legs are said to roam freely inside the villages and they are human.

6 Old English Bulldogs


OldEnglishBulldog1 300x241 - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


It was produced for bullfighting, a race of English sports. The lower jaws are in a certain way higher than the upper jaw, resulting in a strong jaw and grip. In 1835, the sport was terminated in this dog’s race after being admitted illegally in the parliament. Later on, this breed was transformed into Bull Dog again.

7 Paisley Terriers


paisley terrier dog picture - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

It was usually a dog breed that was a pet. They were known to keep mice and other reptiles away. They were known as show dogs. They are the ancestors of today’s Yorkshire Terrier.

8 Russian Tracker


Russian Tracker 300x238 - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

Known as the Russian Retriever, this race has a weight of over 50 kilos and is known to be a large dog. Despite its large size, it was fast and agile enough to catch wolves and other predators. Its thick, caramel-colored fur protects her from the climatic conditions and the attack of predators. Apart from his physical skills, this mountain dog was blessed with his extraordinary wisdom. It is said that for months, without human help, he was able to survive alone in the mountains. Today’s Golden Retriever race is said to carry this blood. It was last seen in the late 1800s.

9 Southern Hound


Southern Hound1 - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

This race was known for its long ears with a long, heavy square head structure. Although it is slow, it is stated that it is a good track driver.

10 Toy Bulldog


Toy Bulldog Little Knot 19031 - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

It is a race that lived in England in the 18th and 19th centuries. Bulldog is a miniature of the race. He was never a healthy and fully reproducible race, so he could not be among the fully remembered races.

11 Toy Travel Spaniel


Toy Trawler Spaniel - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

In the 1920s the race, which is at the border of extinction, is thought to come from King Charles Spaniel.

The hunter was produced as a race but it was often a dog breed that was looked after at home. One example can be seen today at the UK National Museum of History.

12 Turnspit Dog


Turnspitdog 1862 - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


This breed, with a short leg and a long body, was put into a wheel used to cook meat. As she walked, the meat would turn and cooked equally. It is also known as a kitchen dog. At the same time they were given in the churches heating their feet.


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13 Tweed Water Spaniel


tweed directoryindividual breed - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

He is known as an ancestor of the Golden Retriever race. The race, which was thought to be extinct after 19 th century, was generally referred to as brown and athletic water dogs.

14 Cordoba Fighting Dog


Cordoba%20Fighting%20Dog%20(1) - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


Its origin is Cordoba, Argentina. It is a known race with high tolerance and fighting death. The majority of the race, which is highly aggressive against other dogs, died in fights. The present Dogo Argentinian race derives directly from this race.

15 English White Terrier


little white dog2 - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


This breed, known as the Old English terrier, was extinct towards the end of the 18th century.

16 North Country Beagle


North Country Beagle 1 - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

It is a dog breed that lived in Britain until the early 19th century. Although it is not known exactly how this race came to Earth, some researchers claimed that they came from the Talbot race.

17 Hare Indian Dog


132%20Hare%20Indian%20Dog - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


Canid is a domesticated race from his family. It is said that it takes its speed and characteristics from the coyote.

18 John’s Water Dog


St Johns dog - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


At the same time Also known as John’s Dog. It is estimated that it is a mixture of old Portuguese, Irish and British dogs.

19 of Tesem


Tesem couple - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


In ancient Egypt, the predator means the dog, the curved tail structure, is estimated to have a long leg length. It is one of the few dog breeds known to have lived in ancient Egypt.

M%C4%B1s%C4%B1r%20An%C4%B1tlar%C4%B1ndaki%20Di%C4%9Fer%20k%C3%B6pekler - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

One of the earliest recorded races, “Khufu Dog” was seen in the tomb of King Khufu, who ruled between 2609-2584 BC. This dog’s name is known as Akbaru.

20 Dogo Cubano


136. Cuban Mastiff - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


The Cuban Mastiff, known as the Cuban Dog, is the race that lived in Cuba as the name suggests. Bull Mastiff is a dog used in fights.

21 Chien-Gris


Gris De Saint Louis from 1915 - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


Chien-gris, an ancestral mid-dog breed, was hunted with the ability to smell and was part of the French royal family between 1250 and 1470. It is known that the color is gray.

22 Alpine Spaniel

Alpine Spaniel - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds

He used to be a shepherd in the mountains and used in rescue operations. It was 1.8 meters long from the nose to the tail, a large race recognized immediately from its thick and curly fur. This Race is Now Bernard and Clumber are also ancestors of Spaniel. The number of 1830s in 1830s has also disappeared.

23 Alaunt


Alaunt - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


From antiquity to the 17th century, the dog breed lived in Asia and Europe. The ancestor of many dog ​​breeds is believed to be Alaunt. It is known to be large and short-haired.

24 Blue Paul Terrier


bluepaul - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


It is not known which breed of Blue Paul Terrier breed came from, but the story is that in 1770 a pirate was taken from a native town in Kirkcudbright. It is known that the Gypsies used this dog in fights in the Kirkintilloch region.

25 Bullenbeisser


Bullenbeisser - 25 Extinct Dog Breeds


Known as the German Bulldog, this breed has a strong and agile structure.

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