3 touchscreen mobile phones and how it is resolved what is major malfunction ?

telephone - 3 touchscreen mobile phones and how it is resolved what is major malfunction ?

Today, as technology advances every day lives in a new mobile phone category. The use of touch phones is quite a convenience for us in terms of the challenges that pulled out in front of you. These difficulties usually creates huge costs for us financially. Touch and type is a fault in a mobile phone, but this is one of the 3 failure usually the most important one for us. Some of these failures are.

On Condition That Your Cell Phone Dropped In The Water;

7693 7937 300x145 - 3 touchscreen mobile phones and how it is resolved what is major malfunction ?When your cell phone falls into water, immediately turn off the water from the phone by removing the battery, disconnect from the body and dry with a paper towel. Definitely do not attempt to dry it with appliances such as a hair dryer. This will damage the mechanical parts of your equipment dollars. After drying the outer surface of the separable parts of the phone and take a Q-tip carefully clean. After cleaning, our phone by putting it in a container filled with rice into a little bag won’t take the weather. After 24-48 hours the phone by removing the battery.You probably if you follow these steps your phone will no longer work.

– The Condition Of The Battery Failure Of Your Mobile Phone;

Depending on the shape of the lifetime of charge cycles touch mobile phone battery is approximately 1 year. If the phone battery is swollen, or if a liquid is poured is a very dangerous situation. These are usually batteries industrial side. In these cases, the only thing you need to do is change the battery. Mobile phone battery must be replaced if it has fallen of 1-2 days.

– Degradation Of The Condition Of Your Mobile Phone The Touchscreen;

The touchscreen of your phone your phone under warranty if it is broken as the first choice, if not take your phone to the authorized service facility. You can apply this method to your broken phone touchscreen as a second choice. Exact your phone in the middle of the two sides. Right side, or left edge of the screen where it meets the frame, insert a needle and gently move into the area. To use the touch screen under the glass which makes it possible for the needle is required to enter. After a few seconds, the place where the needle is located.The touchscreen of the phone is broken, or those who say the touchscreen of the phone does not work; the touch screen if the touch screen or physical keys doesn’t work except for the people who say they must perform this practice if it is running. And the application first on the right, the result is negative if on the left side needs to be implemented.

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