40 Practical Information You Need To Know About Dogs

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1. Feathers scan. Most dogs he enjoys being brushed. Brushing your dog’s fur and also develops a bond between you and make sure you are healthy.

2. The dogs in the cold. Your dog’s fur, does not mean that it can withstand to stand outside in cold weather. Do not leave kulubesiz in her garden.

3. Clothe. Small dogs and hairless breeds should be dressed in cold weather.

4. Take the time. Take your dog for a long walk every day a certain time to remove it. Provide out at least twice a day.

5. In terms of education, while training your dog, if you give orders with gestures and hand movements together, it will be easier to learn.

6. Do not remove his collar. Your neck should always be on your dog’s collar. The name on the tag should include the owner’s name and contact information.

7. Requires your attention. Your dog will need to spend a lot of time for you to connect to.

8. Open war against fleas. Your vet gave your dog for fleas plan to sustain a life away from you no wonder you should care.

9. When using the metal cap and Metal water containers you can adhere to your dog’s coarse language may freeze outside in winter; in the summer, can become extremely hot and can burn your dog’s tongue.

10. Dogs can detect you smile showing your teeth as an indicator of aggressiveness.

11. Puppies are blind, deaf, and toothless are born.

12. Dalmatian breed dogs when they are born they are completely white, black spots occurs later.

13. The ancient Greek thinker Plato, “a dog has the soul of a philosopher,” he said.

14. To love dogs has proven to reduce blood pressure.

15. According to one study, dog owners %of 338242;u they left a message on the answering machine or talk to their dogs on the phone said.

16. 2-3 year-old child has the intelligence of dogs.

17. Dogs can learn 150 words to 200 words, with gestures with the same meaning into memory scrape.

18. Taste organ in the language of dogs approximately 1700. In humans, this number is approximately 9,000.

19. Small chemical droplets in the air for the dogs to be able to smell the tip of their noses wet.

20. Dogs can smell 1000 times better than people. 5 million olfactory cells while humans, dogs than 2,200.

21. You, the owner, waving his arms, a dog can easily identify him 1 mile away.

22. Dogs and puppies a female, can give 4,372 puppies in seven years.

23. 14,000 people live with dogs over the years. In cats this is about 7,000 years.

24. Dogs are color blind perceive colors in a similar way to a person. Throttling his eyes sees better when the lights.

25. Dogs in packs makes you more prone to chase and hunt. 2 dogs is enough to be a lot.

26. Dogs nose, scars are like fingerprints in humans, and is used to describe them.

27. The world’s most populous country is the United States Dog population; this is followed by France in second place.


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28. Are thought to be 400 million dogs in the world.

29. To move a dog’s ear uses more than 188242 Nov.

30. Don’t touch is the first sense developed by the dogs. Paws the whole body, including touch-sensitive nerve endings are covered.

31. A dog, a 1/6008242 of a second sound source;it can detect in flour, and four times farther away than people can hear.

32. The first guide dogs, at the end of the Second World War by the German government who had lost his eye in battle soldiers are trained for.

33. Most Dog ownership in the world 5,000 record by the name of kubla Khan a dog to a man.

34. Facial shapes the lengths of the dogs life can be understood. Long-nosed, reminiscent of wolves, dogs, flat-faced dogs live longer than.

35. If the mother was born by cesarean and if it is cleared before it is given back to the mother after the birth of their young dogs sometimes can decline.

36. The seeds of apples and pears contains a quantity of arsenic in them, and these can be fatal to dogs.

37. A small amount can cause kidney problems in dogs and raisins fresh.

38. Similarly, chocolate, cooked onions, or foods containing caffeine is harmful to dogs within.

39. The dogs of Ancient Egypt, animals were highly respected. Dog owners would mourn for days when their dogs died.

40. Dogs have sweat glands, sweat from paws…

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