5 Benefits Of Hiking For Your Health

899 7 - 5 Benefits Of Hiking For Your Health

The endless stream of negative emotions in yourself you’ve found it when ‘walk’ would be good for you know. Walks in nature if you do this, will be very beneficial for your health both physically and mentally.

Here are according to several studies, the 5 of us for a nature walk key benefits:

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1. Helping in the fight against cancer.

Which is one of the vital components of our body produced by our immune system in the fight against cancer, some cells have an important role. “Natural killer” known as cancer-fighting cells, according to a study by researchers at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, Dr. Li, only a daily walk in the forest, even increasing. Imagine your out for a walk and then regular forest…

2. The scent of green reduces stress.

The smell of vegetation and the magnificent view of plant and forest mis penetrates to the emotional center of the brain directly. For the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol and chronic stress acts as a stimulant for those who are in the problem of it is good.

3. Acts like an antidepressant.

According to research house or around the forest of the neighborhood of the ones in these environments often seem to have better mental health than people who found the opportunity to walk the city. To monitor seasonal changes in the appearance of the tree, away from the stress of city life, almost acts as a antidepressant.

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4. Makes the brain work better.

A walk in the green of the forest allows the development of memory and learning skills. For this reason, usually in the vicinity of the forest kindergartens in Europe and America is being established. Observed according to studies, hand skills and mental abilities of children playing in the natural environment, city are making better progress than the boys. Moreover, children protection awareness, promote the development of green and our world.


5. Allows you to be fit.

Global 30% of the population is faced with the problem of excess weight or obesity. For this, doctors in a natural setting, hiking, biking, doing fitness activities such as yoga from the room that gave much better results indicate.

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