5 Golden Rules To Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

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The greatest fear of those who wish to quit smoking is gaining weight. There are many people who can’t stop smoking because of this fear. However, you can quit smoking without gaining weight. Here’s your tips for quitting smoking without breaking form…

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Quit smoking, quite a troublesome process. The body requires a very serious battle with this situation, which rather requires attention. Constantly something to be consumed during the phase, especially smoking cessation, weight can turn into irreversible in the future. For this reason, most people can’t stop smoking because they are afraid of disturbing the body form.

In our country every year, on average, about 100 thousand people dying from lung cancer caused smoking. Prevent deaths from smoking constantly to the public spotlight,conferences and seminars are arranged and a result at a desired level cannot be obtained.

It is stated by the experts in more females than males are interested in quitting smoking. The main reason for this weight by taking the body of the form is to be afraid of breakdown.However, according to experts, you can stop smoking without gaining weight. Here are 5 golden rules to quit smoking without gaining weight:

  • The person wants to smoke a cigarette when you should have been directed directly into the water. However, constantly high levels of some vitamins and minerals that may trouble drinking water, carrots and press it with foods such as lettuce.
  • The habit of smoking after dinner to eat the fruit should be recycled. However, you should eat the fruit instead of eating a handful.
  • People continue the habit of Turkish coffee. If you drink coffee if the person doesn’t smoke, instead, you may consume tea and herbal teas.
  • When you want to smoke go for a run or take a brisk walk. Your mind to avoid smoking, constantly odaklandirin your attention to other things.
  • The person to self-direct Sports. When you move away from smoking cigarettes to see the devastation that left the body more relaxed and it will be even easier for you to leave.


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