8 Ways To Reduce Fuel Consumption In Vehicles

indir - 8 Ways To Reduce Fuel Consumption In Vehicles

Many people is the lack of comfortable public transport, due to the absence of the freedom to go where he wants when he wants to use the special tool. Although economically much more advantageous is the use of public transport, personal vehicle use continues to rise day by day. However, owning a personal vehicle taxes, maintenance costs as well as costs such as fuel consumption becomes quite costly. Especially in our country, the fact that more people encourages economical driving fuel fee is too high.Many drivers are spending less at the same distance I go to find the answer to the question of how liter is working.
Because the wages we pay per liter is much higher compared to many countries has a very important place in the necessary tips for economical driving. Therefore, in this article, you need to do to save fuel while driving your vehicle 8 clues that we are going to discuss.

1. Check Tire Pressure

You regularly check your tire pressure for extra fuel savings. Air up tires, usually 2 psi of each month naturally loses. To be sure that your tire air pressure is correct your tires will not only extend the life of, but also improves fuel efficiency because there is less rolling resistance with the road. If the tire is deformed due to the lack of air, you’ll use more fuel because of more friction with the road.The manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure for your vehicle to find out the manual or check the driver’s door threshold. Check your tire pressure regularly according to the recommended values and there.

2. Reduce Your Burden

Aracınızın yolcuları ve bagajı ile birlikte sahip olduğu toplam ağırlık, ne kadar yakıt kullandığınızda önemli bir faktördür. Araç ağırlaşırsa, hareket etmek için daha fazla yakıt gerekir. Bu özellikle, şehir trafiğinde şehir içi sürüş söz konusu olduğunda daha çok geçerlidir. Birçoğumuz aracımızda ihtiyacımız olmasa bile bazı eşyalarımızı bulundurmaktayız. Bununla birlikte, ortalama olarak, araçta ekstra her 50 kg ağırlık yakıt tüketimini %1-2 oranında artıracaktır. Bu nedenle yalnızca ihtiyacınız olan temel eşyaları taşımak en iyisidir. Mesela, sürekli pikniğe gidiyormuş gibi bagajımızda taşıdığımız piknik sandalyelerini eve bırakabiliriz.

11302 klima 300x91 - 8 Ways To Reduce Fuel Consumption In Vehicles3. Klimanızı Gerektiğinde Kullanın ve Klima Gazını Tamamlayın

Air Conditioning your Air conditioning system every two years is recommended tamamlanilm of gas. The values of are low fat and the amount of gas in the air conditioning system when Air conditioning system will begin to blow warm air into the cabin. This means that more of the engine air to produce cold air at work. This additional pressure is applied to the engine of the vehicle with more effort, and as a result, will cause your vehicle to use more fuel. In addition, it is recommended to avoid the use of air conditioning in congested traffic.Motors must work harder in stop and go traffic, therefore if you use the air conditioner only this force will contribute to and will consume more fuel. You are in traffic and moving slowly is a much better choice to open the Windows.

4. Get Your Tires Balance Control

Tire balance the fact that they are the correct settings you will have the security of a big return. Balance will help your tires wear evenly and longer years to control. In fact, the tire may extend the total life of 20,000 miles. If it is not done regularly your tires from different points of tire balance shall be eliminated. This will also increase the friction with the road will cause it to consume more fuel. Were controlled regularly balance your tire, and after removing and installing each tire, make sure that this is done again.

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5. Make Your Car Serviced Regularly

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is the best way to ensure it stays one of the best ways, and enables them to operate at their optimum levels you expect. Over time engine oil breaks down and becomes less effective at lubricating the engine’s moving parts if it is. Spark plug, regular oil and filter changes to be done, helps achieve fuel economy and reduces the load on your engine. A full maintenance, as well as includes a number of different controls. You will be informed of your vehicle’s service maintenance period. Generally are made for periods of one year or 15 thousand miles.Will provide maintenance, whichever comes first.

11302 abetiketi 300x187 - 8 Ways To Reduce Fuel Consumption In Vehicles6. Follow Your Driving Style

Fuel economy improvements in the condition of your car is not the only factor; the driving style of the vehicle fuel consumption is the most important factor. Bad driving habits such as excessive acceleration and Acceleration at high speeds is definitely negatively affect your fuel consumption to adopt. If your vehicle is equipped with cruise control, it will help you to optimally use your fuel and maintain a constant speed using this feature.Sudden braking will have a negative impact on fuel consumption and, therefore, with the vehicle in front of you and make sure to leave enough space between your own vehicle. Thus, you won’t have to push the brake pedal continuously. In addition, you should avoid the use of continuous high-speed acceleration and.

7. EU label values for your tyres

Tires your car’s fuel consumption up to 20% of make up, therefore it is important that you choose the correct tires. The new EU tire label values you need to import by checking on when buying. Considers three categories of tyres EU label values: fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise. Fuel efficiency, and are rated on a scale of a through F for a degree is the best possible outcome. To return these tires requires less energy and therefore consume less fuel.Then it has good fuel economy, new tyres if you want to see the EU tire label for guidance.

8. Use Fuel System Cleaner

Some fuel additives to your vehicle’s a cheap way to improve performance and reduce fuel consumption. Fuel additives, is added directly to the fuel tank. Over time, fuel deposits can accumulate in your fuel tank, and this engine Your to the fluctuations of the latency and causes a loss of power. Cleaners fuel system, combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports and valves of the fuel injectors eliminates deposits in the flow and regain that effectively cleans the entire fuel system high-quality detergents and additives that it contains.

You apply the methods mentioned above, and the necessary checks when you do your fuel consumption will be reduced appreciably. However, it is still high in our country because of economical transportation fuel costs for the most economical way to use public transportation as much as possible. In situations where you are forced to use your personal vehicle, your vehicle must be in the best condition and also you need to pay attention to your driving style. Economical and enjoyable motoring.

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