A Masterpiece; “Cologne Cathedral”

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Cologne Dom cathedral more or we the Turks, are among the world’s most prominent historical works. Situated among the founding members of the European Union, Germany’s leading cities, located in Cologne, this work managed to survive until the present day. Situated among the most valuable works in Europe, the Dom cathedral, serves as a Catholic Church. The museum is also in the identity of the Dom cathedral is among the oldest churches in Germany.Cologne, Germany, situated in the Dom cathedral, the Roman Catholic Church due to the history of the region in terms of serious stories with accommodates. The construction has managed to survive for centuries until the present day this historic artifact that still works is one of the very important. The Dom cathedral was officially given to start construction in 1248, exactly 225 years after a long period has been completed. Situated among the most important works of the period, the Dom cathedral, two times throughout the course of history has been restored.Counted among the world’s most magnificent cathedrals, the Dom cathedral, Cologne, Germany, is the symbol of the city. In addition, Germany is extremely important for this work, which throughout its history has welcomed many visitors.

GDM 292 Almanya KolnKatedrali 01 300x225 - A Masterpiece; “Cologne Cathedral”built-in style otik, the Dom cathedral, the most important example of this style is considered to be. The gloom of the period are also extremely over-bearing Dom Cathedral, is located between the most important buildings in the world. Baslanils its construction in 1248 225 years to complete the project in question also led to be very difficult. In this sense, the construction work of which began in 1248, however, the year 1473 was introduced when it was completed. For many years, successfully surviving the Dom cathedral began to be restored in the 1840s by the German Empire.This restoration continued for approximately 40 years and it was completed in 1880. I. and ii. With the success of WHO’s gotten Dom cathedral and World War II. After World War I, and again restored to complete the restoration work that began in 1950, lasted 55 years. In this sense, the second restoration work also, however, able to be completed in 2005 and the Dom cathedral, it has taken the present form.

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Staying faithful to the architecture constructed by the Dom cathedral, exactly 144,5 m high. The Dom cathedral 86,25 m Width, 11 has hurt, and the bells are still actively working. The Dom cathedral 144,5 m height, and the height of the tower there are two towers 157m. Situated among the most important monuments in the world, Dom the Cathedral, between the years 1880 to 1889 with the world’s tallest structure was in position.Attracted attention by UNESCO the Dom cathedral, has been included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2005, and thus most valuable in the world and has ensured itself a place among the works that need to be protected.

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