A nostalgic journey into BMW’s history

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Calendars 1929, while selling point is entering service in Berlin my first BMW, and the brand’s first model Dixi 3/15 or as it is known is also being offered for sale. However, the real starting point of the story, 1916. Bayerische Flugzeug Werke (BFW) in Bavaria on 7 March 1916 the establishment of an aircraft factory so the BMW is considered the date of foundation.

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BMW IIIa engine is used where a plane in 1919 with 9760 meter height broke the record.

The production of BMW aircraft engines and motorcycles performs in the establishment period, after the First World War to produce aircraft engines in Germany in 5 years, when it’s forbidden, this time with the BMW logo on the truck, boat and motorcycle engines received. The first BMW Eisenach car factory in 1928, to save time and money when you decide on the vehicle bought. Until that day, the chassis of the car at the factory and up to 15 HP power is generated through licensing Austin 749 cc four-cylinder engine is taken as, while bodywork BMW’s signature modern steel bore.

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Introduced in the fall of 1923 BMW R 32 was the first engine in a short time and has become a legend.

Today, BMW’s most traditional design elements are situated between the kidney-shaped grille, which is the first model to use the 303 in 1933 appeared on the roads. 3/15 3/20 of which is improved version of the brand wants to develop a tool that emerged when he decided to the ON position 303, at the same time, included another first for BMW: the 6-cylinder engine.

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Opened in Berlin in 1929 at the point of sale as the brand’s first car, first BMW, the 3/15.

BMW’s sporty image, which is one of the most influential actors in the formation of the first and 328, was produced between 1936 and 1939. Fritz Fiedler from the pen of this Roadster with the design just didn’t become dazzling, but at the same time, also has achieved great success in motor sports. 326 2,0 lt of BMW 6-cylinder engine the engineers who had hand, a higher compression ratio, three carburetors, a semi-sphere shaped combustion chambers and which is located on the side of maximum power 80 BHP with eccentric very ambitious for the period.Only rare cars produced by BMW at the factory which is a collection of the Eisenach 464 328, which is an unusual feature for the period has stated that the independent hydraulic brake system to the front wheels.

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Inline 6-cylinder engine was produced in 1933 and the first BMW kidney grille 303.

BMW who are forced to focus on military vehicles during the Second World War, after the war, in 1952, the first car produced. The initial target was to produce a relatively compact car of the brand, and thus 531 prototype was developed. 2-cylinder boxer engine didn’t go into serial production prototype the tenure of a motorcycle. BMW, this is a relatively modest model instead of a straight 6-cylinder motor 501 decided. Curvy and sleek lines with the most iconic designs in automotive history, which has one of the BMW 501 “Baroque Angel” was the definition of.The 502 in 1954, the roads in postwar Germany and at the same time, BMW’s first V8 in the history of doing the task while the model 501 is actually more powerful and more luxurious version. Another feature of the engine was that it was made of lightweight metal. In 1955, the Isetta was a micro car with two unlike of the roads 501 and 502. Despite achieving great success with approximately 160.000 units sold cars, BMW’s, couldn’t help to survive the economic downturn.

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BMW’s iconic “4-cylinder” building, the Museum of brands in front of the center of the bowl design.

In 1958 Wolfgang Denzel from Munich’s Austrian importer of BMW, BMW in mind the idea of a small Coupe presented to the management. Italian designer Giovanni michelotti the lines of more conventional BMW 600 model in the search for an acceptable and at that time, has affected the management of the BMW. 30 HP power, 700 cc 2-cylinder boxer motorcycle small engine for the coupe should be sufficient. After the sale of the coupe version of the four-seat, two-door sedan and the BMW 700 in the hard days of the brand took its place in the market also has helped.However, expensive and luxurious model BMW’s largest post-War era affected the sales of the brand to compete in. BMW’s rival Daimler-Benz came to be sold to. In 1959 held the annual shareholders ‘ meeting passed in front of this situation.

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The BMW 3/15 was the first car to carry the logo of the brand. The series, known as the vehicle is 2,9 meters long.

It’s 1961 when it was the beginning of a new era for BMW. The brand’s “Neue Klasse” a “new class” 1500 series gave us the name of the process that began with. BMW post-war period, first in the middle-class model of the car, which, in a sense, filling the gap between the Isetta and 501/502. The hope and expectation of the series, The BMW 1500 was great. Introduced at the 1961 Frankfurt Motor Show, the car has seen a great interest in orders received and production started in the summer of 1962 when more than 25,000.9485 Mark of the period as very reasonable with a starting price, the BMW 1500, the cost to the consumer of 80 BHP 1.5 liter bottle is a modern 4-cylinder engine could offer. Thanks to this engine, the BMW 1500 0-100 km/h in 16.8 seconds while driving and that the car was too ambitious for a period of a fuel consumption of 10.0 l/100 km, she was able to stay below. While fulfilling the expectations of sporty drivers with a more powerful version of the “Neue Klasse” sedan appeared on the road, except with a coupe version in 1965.

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In 1936, the 326 roads in a four-door convertible bodywork also were presented.

One of the most important features of the BMW neue klasse years between 1955-1970, the brand’s chief designer Wilhelm hofmeister was that it was the first model of the BMW legacy which hofmeister kivrimi. Neue klasse while encouraging them to develop more compact models of the great success of the customer and thus regarded as the ancestor of the BMW 3 series at the Geneva Motor Show 1600-02 in 1966, followed in 1968 and in 2002. In a short time reached cult status car light, nimble and has reached a unique position in the structure of the market performance.In America also played an important role in strengthening BMW’s position.

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328 Berlin-ROM, 56 HP more than the standard Roadster bodywork and aerodynamic power.

The roads in the 1972 E12-coded the first 5 Series, Neue klasse take place, while at the same time, BMW’s, and today was the first member of the policy model used. Which is the successor of the 02 series e21-3 series model first appeared in 1975 as coded on the roads. Clean and classic lines with a legendary designer Paul bracq destined to be great interest in cars, 6-cylinder engine in its class has made a difference. BMW’s 3 and 5 Series in the 70s after he stepped into different classes and 7 Series 6 Series luxury coupe luxury sedan to the world for the first time said Hi.Introduced in 1978, the BMW M1 Motorsport GmbH is a subsidiary of the brand (motor sports Company Limited) will be developed by the first car, while the sports car of the era, from design to technology to the scene with each point was marked.

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501 and 502 V8 engined variant, the BMW re-moved to the upper class.

Never throw into the background the identity of genes in the motorcycle manufacturer BMW, first in the 1980 G/S model by producing a new cult was started. 100 K, which in 1983 started production of the brand, the sequential 4-cylinder water-cooled engine motorcycle made history as the first. Stay away from BMW Motorsport, who in 1983 became World Champion with brabham BT 52 Formula 1 cars. Cars BMW turbo engine in qualifying, could produce power up to 1400 HP.DTM, the German Touring Car Championship will compete in the track homologation of the car for the first time introduced in 1986, m3, E30 3 series was developed over the period coded. The first M3, passenger car racing is considered the most successful in the history of the world.

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BMW Isetta, 1-cylinder motorcycle engine with the alternative.

Targeting calendars 1987 when he found the opportunity to show again its expertise in engine production BMW: E32-750i 7 series introduced in the version coded after the Second World War, produced in Germany, the first was equipped with the V12 engine. At the end of the nineties BMW’s first SUV, the X5 pulled off the road in 1999. Unusually for a sporty and dynamic driving characteristics by providing the type of clinging traditions of the brand after the success of the X5 today, BMW x x1 from five different character stretches in the compact class Coupe X6 model.

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1500 Series, BMW opened new horizons in both style and philosophy.

Inline 6-cylinder engines and rear wheel, such as continuing the traditions of BMW, however, don’t neglect to expand into different areas. In 2010, the “project”ni-BMW who, under their roof to produce electric cars is developing. The first product of this philosophy when you leave the i3 in 2013, the road, 4 feet at the bottom of the body represents a new era in technology. i3 I8 rechargeable hybrid sports car concept that will redefine a year later to the structure, design and performance makes a difference.2014 2 series active Tourer introduced in front-wheel drive MPV and bodywork, the BMW Group is helping to develop further.

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700 series air-cooled, 2-cylinder boxer engine that was located at the back of.

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The 2002 Series BMW’s sporty driving characteristics with a compact size and enabled us to reach a brand new audience.

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For many people, that ever lived, which is accepted as the most beautiful BMW 507, designed by Albrecht Graf von Goethe.

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In 1972 the first 5 Series on the road, the BMW’s model policy set.

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Emerging as a two-door 3 Series Sedan, a model that best reflects the brand at the beginning of.

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The first 7-series model a year ago, the 6-Series in 1976 which way the technology was used.

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Arttiricili BMW i3 electric or range-Electric, the i8, plug-in hybrid can be produced. Carbon fiber composite chassis are a common feature in both.

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The first-generation BMW M3, racing history’s most successful passenger car.

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The roads in 1988 the Z1 with gates buried the body seems unusual even today.

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The first X5 SUV in the coming years the family starting with X2 and X7 will expand with models like.

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Introduced in 1955, the 503 Coupe, the 6 Series side by side with the same philosophy as adopting a grandson.

0x0 27 300x190 - A nostalgic journey into BMW's history

The BMW 7 series represents the peak of technological today as it was in every generation.

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Introduced in 2004, the 1-Series only in the compact class with rear-wheel drive model.0x0 1 300x171 - A nostalgic journey into BMW's history

Vision next 100 BMW’s to the next story will be kept light.


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