A Passenger Plane How Much Fuel It Consumes?

A Passenger Plane How Much Fuel It Consumes?

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Passenger planes are machines that are running at very high efficiency. The maximum range of the aircraft is a passenger plane according to the volume of the store has been designated. For example, the 737 with the Boeing 747 there is a huge difference between fuel tanks. 737-400 Boeing 747-400 passenger aircraft, while the capacity of 216,840 litres of fuel capacity liter Fuel type 26,170. The Boeing 747 long-range Jumbo jet, but the Boeing 737 is designed for distances shorter than him. A passenger jet engines in terms of fuel it consumes is of very great importance. Boeing 747-400 engine features type 4 on a plane. A Boeing 737-400 plane with only 2 Type of engine. Evenly share the burden of these engines to the plane.

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A Boeing 747, is on the move when you need 4 gallons for every second. Boeing 737 with only a 1.2-litre fuel requires. You can make a Boeing 747 with 13,000 kilometers. This is the meaning of; 13,000 miles, approximately 150.000 liters of fuel consumption.

Passenger aircraft consume most fuel during takeoff and taxi. A Boeing 747-400 aircraft empty Weight kg 178,400. Maximum fuel capacity is 216,840 liters. In that case, a Boeing 747 fully loaded with fuel weighs 400,000 kg taxi for takeoff during his time. This increases fuel consumption. Especially during takeoff ”full throttle” so the situation in Turkish ”full throttle” is out of the question, since it reaches 6-7 liters of fuel consumed per second.

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