Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal Exercises - Abdominal Exercises

Located in the middle of the body, abdominal muscles, her upright posture, endurance, and balance are the muscles that provides. Aesthetically complements the beauty of the body exercise to be done in order to develop the muscles that we investigated.


The abdominal muscles, abdominal muscles or the muscles which are among the people we know as Diamond. One of the most difficult muscles to develop and they are working very hard to figure. This aesthetic adds to the body image the muscles and a solid showing in the task, keep the upper body upright. That do not have enough power for the abdominal muscles, the internal organs and begins to sag under the pressure of the navel-called swelling occur. The fastest area of the abdominal region is lubricated.The reason for this is that the vast majority of the internal organs takes place here, and the layer of fat around your organs helps to protect and maintain the temperature.

abdominal kas - Abdominal Exercises

The first thing that need to be made for the emergence of the abdominal muscles sport. And abdominal area and volume especially when doing sports must provide step to gain this run.Then comes the layer of fat on this area to Melt. The melting of the fat layer is not an issue to be solved only sports. At this point, you stand up for what you’ve eaten. High consumption of carbohydrates and fats in the abdominal area if if baklavas to uncover and get rid of fat.Checkered tight and to have a wife the way through the kitchen.A good diet, provided that you can expose your baklava rank movements we apply, and in the list below.



duz mekik - Abdominal Exercises

The easiest exercises for the abdominal muscles that can be applied at home between shuttles. A flat stomach, tighter image and a baklava for shuttling is required. While shuttling your abdominal muscles, not your waist with him, side, belly, and thigh muscles works. One of the exercises that can be used to refine the lumbar region. According to the form of construction of the upper and lower abdominal muscles can be run.

ters mekik 002 - Abdominal Exercises

While shuttling your abdominal muscles and lower your feet to move more air if you remove the very difficult to will work. Divan or a hard object by compressing it under your feet if you make the shuttle more repetitions after your muscles start to burn. You have to make the movement easier or harder. Waist, back and neck discomfort, it is not recommended for those with shuttling. These people strengthen the abdominal and back muscles with the squat movement.


orumcek adam sinav - Abdominal Exercises

Spider-Man test or crocodile as a test of the last movement, when that is already running sinav more runs your abdominal muscles. With one move of the movement that makes it possible for very different groups to run the construction of Nov, Spider-Man and received this name because it looks like the crocodile walk. Begin by taking a normal position sinav, sinav and normal movement is made. The legs while the chest is being moved to the floor, respectively (knees, elbows, worth, and moved to be parallel to the ground. This move can be made by proceeding as really hard way like it was made of crocodile.Abdomen, your abdominal muscles and side waist runs efficiently.

plank 005 - Abdominal Exercises

The test is done by taking a position similar to the plank movement. The difference with an emphasis on the elbow of the hand is done. Nor is it simply stretched abdominal and back elbows facing head on, to wait until they can be on the basis. Resistance to this movement with abdominal and lumbar muscles gains. The movements are among those who want a flat stomach that must be implemented necessarily. This move also stronger abdominal muscles with sit-ups and other transactions will enable us to make.

3. Squat and DEADLIFT

agirlikli squat - Abdominal Exercises

Nov running multiple groups one of the acts is squats. This motion, your legs opening up a little more than shoulder width and then squat, stand up to the movement can be defined as.To start one’s own body weight will be sufficient. When it comes to your light body in weight, weight that will create objects that you put heavy items in your lap or you can take the help of a backpack. The squat movement is primarily a leg and hip muscles, including the abdomen, waist and back muscles also runs.Then most strengthens the legs muscles, abdominal and lumbar muscles are. The abdominal muscles gain strength and weight to be done in conjunction with volume is recommended. A long bar or dumbbells on the shoulder that you will help you in this regard.

olum kaldirisi - Abdominal Exercises

Weights the barbell deadlift from the floor slightly above the level of the knee is connected to the uninstallation is performed. By doing this, the first weightlifter barbell off the floor emulating the same motion. To remove weight, leg muscles, back, buttocks, abdomen and back muscles are used. The squat too much you can run at the same time as a group of Nov.While doing the movement from the waist to the receipt of power should be done with caution. Otherwise, damage to the spine, and can cause the hernia may cause discomfort.As mentioned in the beginning, the abdominal muscles make the upper body stand upright in your hand to the task when you have the weight to make this move will force all the muscles around the waist the abdomen and on the upper level. Thus you can have rock solid abdominal muscles and a tight waist.

4. Pull ups dip and leg raise leg raise combo

dips bacak cekme - Abdominal Exercises

These two movements on the basis of the power of the arm towards the body the legs while pulling with the abdominal muscles keep the body hanging and swinging run lies. The legs are the largest and heaviest organ in the body. Also do not need to use a weight when doing so. Muscles to gain endurance and strength with this movement that allows the image to obtain a diamond is not difficult at all.

barfikste bacak cekme - Abdominal Exercises

Your knees must be extended by pivoting without breaking. After a certain repetition, the legs parallel to the floor will increase the effectiveness of the movement to stand and wait for a while. The reverse shuttling in place on the spine is overloaded even though it looks like this movement because those who have less hernia disease also can apply. For people with a hernia problem, even trimmed the feet hanging in space will be of benefit to you.

5. Wheel and roll out

tekerlek egzersizi - Abdominal Exercises

Designed for use by high level people in the development of abdominal muscles, the wheel has been used since ancient times, is one of the most important tools for the abdominal muscles and durable. Grasping arm and the front wheel between the knees and keep the body straight with the movement reaching out to all of the abdomen, waist, and hips muscles.This movement is a movement very difficult and advanced. Allows you to strengthen your waist muscles and abdominal muscles as strong as steel.

halter ile acma hareketi - Abdominal Exercises

The movement of the wheel not the wheel with the tool can be done with different tools. Both sides of the wheel will serve as the weightlifting bar that will accept the weights. The weight of barbell bar and weight plates, the rolling resistance will increase, and will cause you to strain when you pull back toward you. Your abdominal muscles will work more with this strain, and power you will gain.

pilates topuyla karin egzersizi - Abdominal Exercises

It is possible to make a similar move with a Pilates ball. This method which is more suitable for people in the initial phase of preparation; he took the ball from the elbow by leaning on Pilates ball on your feet and hunker down and run towards the ball. By breaking the elbows stretched across the arms is moved to the top condition. Then the body break and moving the ball forward using elbows opens. This movement is one of the most significant movements before the abdominal muscles that run wheel or barbell.


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