According To Body Mass Index Ideal Weight Calculator

Calculate An Ideal Weight - According To Body Mass Index Ideal Weight Calculator

In recent years, which is one of the issues that have been drawn to the attention of the ideal weight is calculated, and how many should it be? Reaching your ideal weight according to body mass index ideal weight calculator in the news about what we find.

How To Calculate An Ideal Weight?

Weight divided by the square of your height. So, the weight, the neck is divided by multiplied with itself. For example, if 70 pounds and a height of 1.60 is calculated as follows:

  • 1.60 x 1.60 = 2.56
  • 70 / 2.56 = 27.34

If the obtained result is between 18.5 and 25 is considered normal. Nevertheless, the most accurate results is between 20 and 23. If the result is between 25 and 30 are seen to have more weight. This also means obesity ago. Now if obesity was a result of the disease is usually asymptomatic between 30 and 40. Should consult a doctor. If there is more than 40 severe obesity is the result, and it certainly must be resolved by a doctor.

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Download the distribution this value it shows up as fat in the body. However, thin at the waist with a tape measure you can measure from the ground. 102 cm in men and 88 cm in women waist circumference measured with tape measure above, this indicates that the internal organs lubricated, and obesity is the beginning. Waist circumference is below 94 cm in men supposed to be; while below, 82 CM in women. In order to prevent the lubrication of the internal organs is necessary.

When you go to a hospital on a diet or a weight loss clinic when you go to some of the equipment used here to your body when you quit on you on a low dose so you will not feel an electric current is sent. As soon as this electric current fatty tissue, and accordingly passes through the tissues of tissue arises a distinction between Nov. Fat tissue in the body, Nov tissue, bone tissue, metabolic rate is determined. So you will have a wider knowledge about the analysis of your overall body.

What Counts When Calculating Ideal Weight?

Called the body mass index, the formula most frequently used, but this measurement shows a download. According to the results, an evaluation is done:

  • The result is NORMAL if it is between 18 to 25
  • If the result is between 25 to 30 more weight
  • If the result is between 30-40 OBESITY
  • If obesity is the result of over 40 forward

The most efficient method is called bioelectrical impedance and indicates the degree of obesity that a person’s height, age, gender, by entering a tool based on a very low dose of the body fat in the body by sending electricity, Nov, the tissue can be divided into the water method. Obesity is the most important problem for the growth of tissue and organs is fat in the body. Called with the value in the calculation of body mass index fatty tissue cannot be measured directly. Bioelectrical impedance is used to measure a person’s fat mass. So the most reliable method.

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Sometimes people may be lubricated when the internal organs are of normal weight.Lubricate the internal organs has not been too much movement may occur. Obesity is called metabolic. You look normal, but the condition of the internal organs lubricated. Health related problems such as obesity in people that may occur. Can be measured with the bioelectrical impedance method in the clinic again. Waist circumference and body fat measurements can have an opinion about audiences. That should be the values are as follows:

  • In women, waist circumference of 82 cm below must be
  • Must be below 94 cm in men waist circumference

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Body Mass Index Calculator

Everyone has a body mass index and weight-height ratio that we we’ll find out. So whether we’re fat or we’ll know. Well, the body mass index is calculated how? Primarily you should learn about weight and size.

1 : Length x height = Result

2 : Weight / Result = Body Mass Index

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Let’s do an example of this is the bride.

Assume that someone who is 1.75 in length. We’re beating himself-length:

  • 1.75 x 1.75 = 3.06

This person weight 65. Weight is divided to the results.

  • 65 / 3.06 = 21.24

This result a body mass index. Body mass index must be over 25.

What Are The Health Problems Of The Ones Waiting At The Top Of The Ideal Weight?

An excess of adipose tissue is a serious disease. Well, more fat tissue what does do to the body?

  • It raises the blood pressure.

Is a risk factor for vascular disease.

  • Cholesterol the problem occurs.

Wrong diet and cholesterol problems experienced as a result of calcification in the arteries, plaque formation, cardiovascular diseases may be the cause. Depending on blood pressure and cholesterol, stroke, such as stroke, the risks are also increasing.

  • More weight accumulates around your organs.

The lubrication of the pancreas, such as fatty liver disease can lead to problems. Advanced fatty liver disease can cause cirrhosis of scale.

  • Problems may occur especially in your knees and joints.

The joints get overloaded. This may be reduced as a result of the movement of people.

  • Increases the risk of diabetes.

  • In women, breast and endometrial (uterine) cancer susceptibility increases.

  • Bowel and increases susceptibility to prostate cancer in men.

  • It affects people psychologically.

A person’s self-esteem can cause you to lose. Social and work-related problems may occur.

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10 percent weight loss due to the risk of dying of all the diseases reduces by 50 percent. if you are overweight you must act to get rid of it.


The Ones Under The Ideal Weight What Are The Health Problems Of Waiting?

Also for the body fat tissue is a vital organ of the body and lack of fatty tissue is a problem because the hormone estrogen is secreted. When this hormone is less in women begin to rise, the eggs cracking, loss of function, reproductive functions stop working if to pieces you can’t see, osteoporosis, estrogen blocks the production of to transform hair and nail loss, skin may cause dryness. Can lead to stomach and intestinal problems. Getting enough fiber can cause problems such as constipation and little nutritional depending.

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In men, the conversion of testosterone to estrogen due to the lack of enough, the physical properties of the formation of the female Type, Sexual Dysfunction, hair loss, nail loss and can cause osteoporosis. A result of not being able to eat right vitamins and minerals in the body defects due to loss of memory, perception disorders, loss of concentration can lead to.Stomach and intestinal problems can also occur.

Enough of the fat tissue is required for all, but the decision should be in. A healthy diet, consume all of the food groups when knowing the amount of our body and is important for health.

To reach the ideal weight gain weight is it right?

Adipose tissue retains our body heat and our bones when we fall is an organ that protects against impacts. So ideal must be under pounds. An excess of adipose tissue, such as the lack of disease. This movement should be obtained by substituting the right foods in a healthy way with weight.

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