Acne and acne spots, what would they be?

Acne and acne spots - Acne and acne spots, what would they be?

In adolescence, including young people from the nightmare of many people appealed for a natural mask that will eliminate your acne problem and setup.


In adolescence acne is usually men and women without reserve is a common skin problem which is many people’s nightmare. Both aesthetically and in terms of health issues, depending on if necessary to evaluate hormone irregularity occurring, sometimes we are faced with a problem which marred your beauty and skin stinging.

Depending on a single reason for pimples do not occur. Face and inflamed blisters that occur on the surface of the body when considered from a medical point of view, as a result of this increase in hormone levels. This increase in hormones on oil glands and rejuvenates the skin, gives rise to the formation of acne.

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Often oily skin usually have acne problems, the good bacteria that feed on the oil and clogging due to the accumulation of fat with The occur. As a result of clogging of skin poresis called acne inflamed blisters of the formation from an aesthetic standpoint as well as the health of the skin leads to a bad image.

Everyone is well-maintained, it would be to have a bright and smooth skin. However, hormonal changes, genetic structure, and most importantly, skin type plays a role in the causation of acne. From the food consumed, and even the makeup that is used to prevent the formation of acne there are so many factors that are effective to the mood a few suggestions to comply with in order to will be sufficient.

An attempt at the trail they left behind acne as well as pimples. Can be permanent unless you were careful, and not exceeding acne scars many people has turned into a nightmare easily. Masks that you can prepare at home with simple and low cost edebilirsiz say goodbye to acne and acne scars.

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So What Is Acne?

Who had acne pimples in one night we will talk about methods that make very little or very large overnight.

What Are The Methods Of Natural Who Have Had Acne?


We’ve learned from our fathers, there is a method of great beauty. After shaving they would offer SAP our fathers in a very interesting way. Alum, potassium aluminium sulphate product.Vascular astringent and is known as the clotting property of the stem. So most fathers after shave applied to the skin. Also would apply to pimples. Do not expose your face to stalk continually, not only small stems, such as cream on the pimples by soaking it a few times you can tap. The next day, the acne is gone you’ll see that.

Diaper Rash Cream

The second method we love so much again with the baby diaper rash cream Sudocre.Sudocrem acne when your pimples you can apply a thick layer. Dot sleep in the form of syrup. The next day, the result will make you happy.

Ice Complex

Ice another method. A couple clean cotton cloth into the ice cube trays then put it on your pimples touch, but do not press down too much because if it’s very inflamed and swollen if a pimple burst and the infection can be very painful. Swelling and redness by increasing blood circulation include cold complex that what we did. Acne and thus you will be your salvation.


You know a lot as it is used in beauty products face and carbonate is used. Carbonate and cleanses the skin of dead cells and purifies the skin. Both the existing pimples and make them smaller has the property of drying them. However, like anything else can damage if you use a lot carbonate. Too much of everything. So very often, and not need to use a lot. 1-2 teaspoon of baking soda in a half cup of seyrelttik after a very comfortable way, you can apply on your pimples.

Lemon Juice

Some have miraculous effects on things in nature. For example, lemon juice. Lemon juice and drying and stain feature. You can take in order to dry your acne. Stock sold in bottles of course, not your own fucking lemon juice lemon juice would be more beneficial.

Thyme and lavender water

Similarly, thyme and lavender water also has anti-microbial properties. They put out your pimples causes it to be in a much shorter time.

Rose Water

Rose water is one of cleansing. There are plenty of ways to warm water inflammation. You can use them too.

Yesil Tea

Yesil dindirici inflammation tea also. At the same time contains antioxidants, which renews skin.

I’m talking about this Yesil teas, lemon, rose water on your pimples you can apply. You can use your skin in the same way.


I stretched behind my back due to pimples skin is very dry and if you have yogurt, you can wash away those germs and nemlendirebi syrup and a little bit from.


For example, hair and prevents the formation of acne by clearing pores. Clay masks are sold in so many places. Clay masks a clay mask for acne apply to your face to see the junk before they’re really useful. You can use several times a week regularly. This also will prevent the formation of acne. Cleans the pores.

. However, if you want to apply after the clay mask Acne, Acne in case if you apply clay mask on your whole face, not in that pit it will work again.


If you went acne if the toothpaste and toothpaste gel if you want to apply and non-whitening effect non-intensive brands to choose from . Toothpaste on your pimples you can sleep syrup to sleep again. Take the juice and the oil of the pimples toothpaste so that it attracts is the place where you have acne are completely empty, and the next day you wake up with perfect skin.

Eye Drops

Eye drops for acne, you can use your pass. Pour the eye drops and acne can take on a cotton bar. Eye drops is Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride within this article, because there will be swelling and redness of your pimples.


The main precaution that can be taken against the formation of acne is undoubtedly a skin cleansing. Usually in oily skin, acne, as a result of regular cleaning of the skin will be significantly reduced. For this reason, especially people with oily skin masks for their skin type appropriate cleansers or cosmetics, they can maintain the natural oil balance of the skin.

Wash your skin morning and night does not have sufficient cleaning effect. For this reason, a skin cleanser that suits your skin type to clean your skin deeply to provide a tonic and is used and greatly reduces the formation of acne.

Another factor that you need to be careful in cleaning the skin term. Your skin is constantly exposed to sweat especially during the summer months of this term will cause an increase in the clearing and prevent the formation of acne. Wash your skin if you’re sweating or showering is recommended. For a long time otherwise remaining on your skin sweat, will lead to the formation of acne as well as various skin irritations.

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The foods you consume impact on the formation of acne is quite high. Therefore that you avoid foods that will negatively affect the balance of your body fat is very important.Excessive fatty foods as well as alcohol, smoking and stress plays a role in the formation of acne is very effective.

Quite a variety especially for women to use makeup to cover up acne and acne scars is the wrong approach. This makeup hide acne when used for a short time on the other hand, provides a background that will cause the growth of acne. If you want to get rid of pimples and acne scars and keep your skin clean constantly in the process of treatment, you must refrain from doing makeup.


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Not to mention the scars that are left behind by acne as well as pimples. Made in the name of preventing the formation of acne as well as acne care and treatment one must be careful against.

One of the major causes of acne is squeezing pimples. This behavior, which is very harmful for skin health of acne bacteria spread into more areas of the trail and leave the causes.Squeeze pimples it ; can cause an increase in the levels of bacteria, while at the same time as the Deep causes of the infection inside the pimples skin causes a decrease in the amount of collagen in the skin. Therefore if you need to squeeze your pimples acne and not necessarily the region where it is located before and after anti-bacterial soap to wash with. At the same time, you must make sure the inside is completely empty of pus of acne.

Your acne scars and prolonging the healing process to take on a darker color another factor that causes the sun you are exposed to. Your skin exposure to sunlight for a long time while extending the healing process of acne blemishes acne spots to fade to black at the same time in the color of causes. For this reason, acne spots before the sun protective factor, it is advisable to drive of individuals who have a high.


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Rose Water Mask

Natural treatment methods in the treatment of acne mask that is used from the beginning of Rose Water, a highly effective application to the formation of acne. Rose water mask is applied regularly, the skin is removed by cleaning. Rose water mask which enables purification by clearing your skin of oil and prevents the formation of acne by preserving the balance.

By mixing 1 tablespoon rose water 1 tablespoon honey and apply the mask which you will get on your skin and rinse your face with warm water after 20 minutes. Another mask that you can prepare rose water 100 ml with Rose Water, 2 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons sugar and 2 tbsp vitamin E oil is the mixture that you will get. With the help of cotton for about 5 minutes in this mixture on your skin by applying your skin of dead skin and will purify, but also with the support of vitamin E, your skin will be found to contribute to health.After applying the mask, rinse your face with warm water.


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Lemon Mask

Natural acne masks which is one not to be lemon, maintains oil balance of your skin provides protection against the formation of a highly effective and pimples. Add 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon lemon juice mix and you get the mask by putting it on the stove to boil. Remove from heat boiling the mask and apply to your face after it becomes warm. Apply the mask on your skin and leave to stand for 15 minutes. You can get an effective result by applying this mask regularly for 10 days.

Another effective acne mask that you can prepare with eggs and 1 egg white with 1 teaspoon lemon juice that you will get the mask. Add an egg white 1 teaspoon lemon juice stir well and leave your skin obtained the mask for 20 minutes. Regularly apply this mask 2 times in a patient.

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Honey & Cinnamon Mask

Which are quite effective in treating acne honey and cinnamon mask, inhibit the formation of acne and existing acne treatment is successful results. Cinnamon has strong antibacterial properties which, coupled with the sticky effect of honey against acne is very effective results.

Mix 2 tablespoons honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and apply the mixture on your skin in circular motions is obtained. Clean your skin with cool water after about 20 minutes.


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Apple Cider Vinegar

In many skin cleansing products and exfoliating apple cider vinegar in the skin improve the blood circulation, removes dead skin cells and acne drying is very effective results. Add 1 cup water ¼ cup apple cider vinegar and apply the mixture obtained with the help of cotton on your skin in a circular motion. After waiting 10 minutes on your skin, rinse with warm water. Apply it regularly twice a week, this app.

Which is in the nature of the solution against acne blemishes with tea instead of water you can prepare apple cider vinegar and Yesil. Yesil 1 cup tea with 2 tablespoons sugar ¼ cup apple cider vinegar and apply on your skin, prepare the mask. Please do not forget to use a moisturizer if your skin is too dry.

NOTE : the use of apple cider vinegar use apple cider vinegar instead of Ready made home a much more effective result you will get.

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Strawberries and honey mask

Very convenient for those who complain that in addition to the problem of acne pores mask.With this mask can help to shrink your pores and prevent acne formation in a healthy way.Shrink pores and smoother skin with this mask you can get rid of dead cells that help you gain a appearance.

3 after washing the strawberries, you bring the consistency of mashed. After adding 2 teaspoon of honey, mix well and leave to stand for about 20 minutes saying it to your face. 1 Y with a mask that you apply regularly twice a week eventually you will get a highly effective result.


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Carbonate Mask

The first question that comes to mind when one of the methods in the pimples natural treatment it is a carbonate. The carbonate, which is a very powerful weapon against fungi and bacteria, accelerating the production of your skin cells while at the same time, allows you to achieve soft and smooth skin.

Mix baking soda and water to get thick consistency. The way you can achieve consistency in the decision to determine the extent of the eye a dark. The obtained viscous paste of the mask by massaging for 2-3 minutes, apply to your skin. After 15 minutes wash the mask with warm water.

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WARNING:Content compiled from different sources in the field of written and visual content to be created, a letter of suggestions and information. Constitutes the definitive diagnosis and treatment. In the face of any health problem contact your doctor.

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