Acute Nephritis 4 - Acute Nephritis

GENERAL INFORMATION: High blood pressure, decreased urine, bloody urine, slight fever, head and low back pain, edema in different places, such as symptoms of acute nephritis caused by heavy metals poisoning, severe cold, angina and so on. Causes of kidney canal disorders. Causes and symptoms indicate the importance of diet in this disease. 

human kidneys 595x240 - Acute Nephritis

• Milk and milk products: Fresh unsalted curd, milk 
• Meat and meat products: In the first days of the disease, a small amount of fish, chicken or beef scald,; 
• Flour and bakery products: – ‘White bread, biscuits, bread rolls, pastas, rice, wheat, oats, 
• Sugar and sugary products: Sugar, jellies, jams, apple or pumpkin bakery desserts,
• Oils: Nebati oils, butter, 
• Vegetables: Potato, carrot, beet, pepper, tomato, 
• Fruits: Strawberry, melon, grape, apple, orange, lemon, watermelon, 
• Spices: Mint, thyme, 
• Drinks: Chamomile and lime teas, freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices. 

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• Milk and dairy products: sourdough yoghurt, spicy cheeses, kashar cheese in the first stage of treatment. 
• Meat and meat products: Not recommended in the first days of the disease; Although the offal is generally prohibited, small amounts of liver can be given after the acute period; meat, salami, sausage, sausage, bacon.
• Flour and bakery products: Floury products prepared by oil frying or bran flour. 
• Sugar and sugar products: Chocolate, cocoa. 
• Oils: Heavy animal fats and fries. 
• Vegetables: onions, garlic, spinach, eggplant, pickles.Inspections: Black pepper, mustard, parsley, cumin, red powder or chili. 
• Drinks: Tea, alcohol, carbonated drinks. 

acute nephritis - Acute Nephritis

• In the acute period of the disease, food and water should not be given for 1-2 days to rest the kidneys. In this way, the spasms in the renal veins are reduced, the blood circulation is provided in the kidneys and the toxins in the kidneys are removed with increased urine. After that, blood pressure drops, albumin in the kidneys is reduced and the patient’s general state is felt as a relief. If the patient is unable to withstand thirst, the lips are gently wetted with lemon juice or rinsed with mineral water. 
• Carbohydrate foods should be given more weight in the transition to a wider diet. 
• Meals should be prepared and presented without salt. 
• Do not remove excess fluid during or between meals; the need for liquid must be met with freshly prepared fruit or vegetable juices. In this way, the patient gets the necessary vitamins.
• Spicy foods should be avoided. 
• The meat is saved for 3-5 minutes to remove the extract before basic cooking; the first water is discarded. After this process, it is boiled, baked or grilled. 
• In the first stage of the treatment, the amount of protein given to the patient exceeds 50 grams per day.ORNIAL MENU 1 FROM 4 DAY 
I. BREAKFAST: 20 gr. prepared with sugar 200 gr. apple puree. 
II. BREAKFAST: 10 gr. prepared with butter 200 gr. mashed potatoes, 20 gr. 200jnl prepared with sugar. carrot juice. 
LUNCH: 10 gr. 200 g prepared with butter. boiled rice, 20 gr. 200 gr apple puree prepared with sugar. 
SECOND BREAKFAST: 10 gr. 200 g prepared with butter. boiling potatoes, 20 y, r. 200 ml prepared with sugar. carrot juice.
DINNER: 10 gr. 200 g prepared with butter. rice boiled, 20 gr. prepared with sugar 200 gr. apple puree. 
YACHT – 200 ml. freshly prepared carrot juice. 
5th DAY 
I. BREAKFAST: 200 ml. milk, 20 gr. prepared with sugar 200 gr. apple puree. 
II. BREAKFAST: 10 gr. 200 g prepared with butter. mashed potatoes, 20 gr. 200 ml prepared with sugar. carrot juice. 
LUNCH: One portion of boiled fish, 10 gr. prepared with butter. boiled rice, 20 gr. prepared with sugar 200 gr. apple puree.
SECOND CARE: Unsalted curd, 10 gr. 200 g prepared with butter. potato lı.r.Lım.i, 20 gr. 200 ml freshly prepared with sugar. carrot juice. DINNER: 200 ml. milk, one serving of boiled chicken, 10 gr. 200 g prepared with butter. rice boiled, 20 gr. 200 g freshly prepared with sugar. apple puree. 
YACHT: 200 ml. freshly prepared carrot juice. 
6th DAY 
I. BREAKFAST: 20 gr. butter, 100 gr. white bread, 25 gr. candy. 
[I. BREAKFAST: 25 gr. 200 ml prepared with sugar. fruit juice, 150 gr. boiled potatoes. 
LUNCH: 100 gr. white bread, 100 gr. boiled chicken or beef, 25 gr. freshly prepared fruit juice with sugar, 10 gr. butter. 
SECOND BREAKFAST: 250 mi. cream soup with vegetables.
EVENING YEMEG: 100 gr. white bread, 20 gr. mashed potatoes or carrots prepared with butter. 
YACHT: 25 gr. 200 ml freshly prepared with sugar. juice. 
7 DAYS . 
I. BREAKFAST: 100 gr. white bread, 200 mi. milk. 
Ii. BREAKFAST: 50 gr. unsalted, * aze lor, 250 gr. fruit. 
OGLE DINNER: 100 gr. white bread, 20 gr. prepared with butter 250 gr. potato soup, 100 gr. boiled meat, 150 gr. milky dessert. 
SECOND BREAKFAST: 200 ml. milk, 200 gr. grilled potatoes, 250 gr. fruit. 
DINNER: 100 gr. white bread, 25 gr. prepared with butter 250 gr. carrot soup, 150 gr. custard. 
YACHT: 100 mi. milk, 250 gr. fruit.

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