Aesthetic Pink (Gum Surgery)

Pink Aesthetic - Aesthetic Pink (Gum Surgery)

The pink aesthetic is what? Aesthetic Pink who applies? What are the methods of aesthetic treatment pink? Our report details…

What Is The Pink Aesthetic ?

Pink aesthetic nowadays are often preferred. Aesthetic gum surgery is referred to as pink applied by dentists. Today, it has become quite important to the aesthetics of the gums.People natural, healthy and good looking teeth for the pink aesthetics you prefer. Just white teeth and a beautiful smile with the teeth of smooth structure is not provided.

pembe estetik (dis eti estetigi) 004 - Aesthetic Pink (Gum Surgery)

The whiteness of your teeth and gum just as it should be a smooth structure is also of importance. Gums and teeth must be in harmony with. For this reason, some people there is a need for the pink aesthetics. To the application for pink aesthetic gums is called.Complement the aesthetics of the exterior situations that the health of gums, gums of the teeth and gums is the color of the level. Eyes looking healthy and beautiful with the harmony of the teeth and gums for a smile consists of.

pembe estetik (dis eti estetigi) - Aesthetic Pink (Gum Surgery)

For this reason, the alignment of your teeth and gums is important. When your gums are healthy, we can understand the appearance of a light pink color. At the same time must be firmly attached to the teeth and bone. Bright and indicate the health of your gums to have a lumpy appearance. The goal of gum surgery, healthy, and flawless smile. Perfect for a healthy smile and dental surgery is required.

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Gulumsenin to be in full compliance of the gums, teeth, jaw and lips, you must have the right structure. Therefore, we have different applications in the aesthetics of your gums. While smiling, the gums are shaped much more visible. If you are some gums are reduced. The most important thing in dental aesthetics of your gums in a healthy state. Swollen, redness, and bleeding gums should be treated as first experienced. After periodontal treatment, the teeth should be cleaned. Later, treatments such as periodontal curettage should be applied.

What Are  Pink Esthetic The Methods?


In the growth of your gums is applied. With the growth that occurred after the deep pockets of your gums by removing excess gum tissue in areas where they are located can be done. To smooth the contours of the physiological structure of your gums and gums is obtained.

Teeth bacteria

More Gum Gum level are fixed and asymmetrical process.


From periodontal diseases is applied. Devastated as a result of stimulation of the tissues support the body’s production mechanisms, re-done in order to be implemented. These affected tissues were removed, and proteins using membrane or bone graft support structures are formed.

Crown height extension

Applied in cases of tissue loss from occurring in the teeth. Cases lie under the gums and decay the teeth in the length of the Blind is extended. Is the surgical removal of excess gum tissue. Then, the bone re-shaped. Thanks to this process, the teeth a longer look is given.

Botox application

It is applied in gum problems. A surgical procedure is done by applying.

What Is Aesthetic Pink Under Circumstances?

Gum surgery, can be applied to every person. Usually applied to persons over the age of 18 is more accurate. It is important to be over the age of 18. Must have completed the developmental age of the person. Aesthetic applications it is of importance in the life of the person. People who are not satisfied with your teeth and smile, often prefer the aesthetics of the teeth. Therefore every individual can have a better looking smile and beautiful pink for the external aesthetics.

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Dental aesthetics are important in the implementation of the right treatment by physicians.Expert physicians accurate and to be implemented by the barrier of the person to live a problem in the future. A correct and necessary treatment needs to be implemented. It is true that this situation be decided by a specialist physician. The person who wants to have dental implants, a smile SE people who are not satisfied with doctors experienced in this fieldshould be examined and in agreement with the doctor cerek to the treatment plan should be made.

Often seen more of the aesthetics of the gums your gums be a lot of gum withdrawal, tissue loss, gum problems, little is to be seen in situations like the gum is applied. The most successful cases have seen more cases of the gums in dental esthetics. In these cases, the teeth short and does not create a pleasing appearance is seen. For this reason, it is preferred for dental aesthetics. In such cases dental implants is quite successful. Beautiful, natural, and by providing people a perfect smile is to create a good view.

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