Alas, My Cat Flea !

karşınan kedi - Alas, My Cat Flea !

Fleas Passed To Humans From Cats?

ka%C5%9F%C4%B1nma - Alas, My Cat Flea !

Fleas can pass from cats to humans, but humans don’t live on. They can jump on you, bite you and suck your blood they can. Fleas move very fast and difficult to see with the naked eye on your cat. Only to see fleas on cats light colored it will be easier.

A flea can jump 150 times their body size of the distance. People are usually infected in this way. Fleas chooses to live in accordance with the temperature of the body. If you have a cat at home, your cat will prefer the body temperature of your cat fleas primarily because of the higher than US. But it still does not mean that it will not come to bite you.


kar%C5%9F%C4%B1nan kedi - Alas, My Cat Flea !Flea My Cat How Do I Know?

Flea you can see with the naked eye, but this is possible if your cat is outdoor Color, dark-colored cats flea with the naked eye is difficult to see. Another way of seeing a flea, a napkin and soak his feathers after putting them on a napkin on your cat ovusturmak. Touch the blood spots and stains on the napkin on the napkin if you see a dull color if the color is your cat to have fleas. Because of this, you will see color spots are the feces of fleas.

Flea cats when scratched. Because fleas are constantly moving creatures and they always bite. Another cause of itching, allergic reaction to fleas. Flea allergic dermatitis is a disease called.This disease is through the bite of fleas, the bite causes your cat’s body that are secreted in your cat allergies after some ingredients.


y%C4%B1kanan - Alas, My Cat Flea !The Cat Flea, How Can We Destroy?

  • At the time you notice your cat fleas are usually the first to be done is to apply a drop of the neck. If you are knowledgeable about this if you can buy it from the vet and apply it yourself. The flea drops to your cat, instead of whether you need to apply carefully dribble and lick. The curtains open fingers the feathers of nape; so as not to cause irritation on the skin before it gets you must dispense more drops. Wash your hands with soap after flea drops.
  • Normally you don’t need to wash your cat. They are organisms that can clean themselves. However, in some cases, you may need to wash your cat in flea infestation. This cat even though she doesn’t like the situation will work to destroy fleas.
  • You should not neglect your cat’s practices, internal and external parasites. Internal and external parasite remedies in the form of drops that are sold in vet. You want you can buy it from the vet and apply it yourself if you want, you can practice them to the vet.



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