Aloe Vera Plant – How It Is Grown? 2 - Aloe Vera Plant – How It Is Grown?

In recent years everybody’s talkin what is aloe vera? Are really useful? How is it used? You are looking for we have compiled answers to all the questions in this article!

In fact, aloe vera has always been known to help, creams, Shampoos and beauty products is a commonly used herb. Just search in the internet but in the last 5 years even 100% in excess of popularity. How an aloe vera plant?


This breed is quite a genus of medicinal plants, but Aloe Vera is known as the most healing. Perennial that grows in Africa mostly in the form of leaves and thorns is a plant. The plant is not too much bloom. A total of 2 or 3 times a chichewa opens. The flowers are yellow.

Aloe vera to grow long without a lot of height as they rarely can be observed. It has long and fleshy leaves. Watery leaves; and contain a gel within like a sword extended. This opens the soil upwards from the edges of the leaves colored barbed Yesil.

Other known names of the plant lily of the desert, immortality plants and pharmaceutical plants.

Some sources according based on the use of aloe vera. In the time of Ancient Egypt, aloe vera actively burns, infections and parasitic diseases it was used to cure the treatment. However, the beauty of Cleopatra’s skin made with aloe vera massage with his passion for Nam Emitters duzellig also protected with what they say.

The Benefits Of The Aloe Vera Plant

In its structure aloe vera amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and essential oils, in addition to a lot more article is a source of healing for many ailments. What are the benefits of aloe vera, how it is used , let’s talk a little about that. Aloe vera benefits as follows;listed

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    Wound treatmentin the use of aloe vera is very common. In particular, it provides benefits for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases.

  • Aloe vera skin benefits , especially to known. It provides skin softness and moisture and regulates the pH level. Keeps the skin young and alive.
  • The most effective drug in combating diseases of the skin. Particularly herpes, fungus problems in a very short time, such as cures for psoriasis treatment is used. (As an effective treatment for skin fungus fungi in the intestinal is enabled.)
  • On the skin it cleans the pores of your skin aloe vera detoxifies.
  • Cell regeneration that helps in delaying the aging of the skineven allows you to stop yi to a certain extent.
  • Rejuvenating effect on the skin. At the same time osteoporosis treatment Aloe Vera is used in China.
  • All kinds of repair in case of burns of the skin .
  • To the hair shine, softness and strength.
  • Jaundice is used as effective in the treatment of disease and quickly quelled.
  • Aloe vera can be applied to the treatment of liver ailments in eliminating.
  • It strengthens the metabolism, digestive system towhat is beneficial. Directly to resolve constipation are consumed.
  • Phlegm , a water feature. His throat clears.
  • Cold and flu is used to treat symptoms.
  • The aloe vera plant the benefits of various branches so that applies to diabetics even beneficial.
An aloe vera plant, how and where is it used?

Aloe vera provides a benefit as far as where you can see if you hold. Well aloe vera how to use, how is it used? How is it applied? The field of use of aloe vera is very broad. Accordingly, usage is also very high. Aloe vera flowerseed from a plant that is utilized for medical use.

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  • Aloe vera cream or gel to be consumed via the mouth in the form of As and is used. Common use the advanced branches of the plant (leaves) by cutting off the bottom part of the face is applied. You cut it to the right and to the left for the first cut the spines of the leaf (as in the image on the right), then you must apply to your skin by removing the bark stripped and the gel inside.
  • Aloe vera juice? Aloe vera can be applied to all your skin care. If your application only if you are applying to an area a little less acne may be recommended. Honey and aloe vera gel combined with other substances beneficial to the skin such as clay mask you can get from a very high quality.
  • Give sparkle and Vitality to hair which can be used with the aim to aloe vera, extracted from gel and mixed with vinegar and olive oil applied in the form of being applied to the hair. It is recommended to wait at least half an hour this mask is then rinse nicely. Aloe Vera is also said to be a definitive solution about the condition of dandruff.
  • Plant mouth it can be consumed by. You can consume the gel directly. However, after removing the gel, you should store them in the refrigerator. If the taste bothers you, if sweetened with honey and lemon.

Aloe vera consumption during an unexpected intestinal cramps, heartburn, or nausea when faced with a should not be used anymore. Should not be used by pregnant and nursing women especially. If an unexpected effect is seen, a doctor should be consulted directly.

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    Wounds and burns, insect bites, psoriasis, and allergic reactions may be applied directly. Can be applied directly to the wound in the mouth.

  • Aloe vera weight pulls? Some users indicate that the use of aloe vera is effective in losing weight. No exact information about this, although not supporting The weight of the plant that regulates the digestive system can be said to be. Prepare a mixture with lemon and honey consume by adding aloe vera gel to your regime removed from the supporting leaf in case you can get a drink. If you wish, a fruit like an orange or a tangerine you can use to make this Detox juice.

Prepared by removing the gel from the inside of the plant aloe vera juice or cream you can use by storing it in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

Aloe vera care and development

You, too, cream, gel or juice of this plant growing in your home by yourself instead of buying you buy if you want to get the essence of aloe vera you can grow in your home. Aloe vera where to buy? If you want to have aloe vera in your home, you can easily get it from the grocery store chichewa. When it is received from seed 7 – $ 10, which may vary between the price of the aloe vera plant seedling are available at prices starting from TL up to 20.

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    Which you can easily grow aloe vera in pots at home, gives puppies the bottom. Maintenance is quite easy. Good in the sun and breezy in the evenings it grows in a place very easily. Filtered sunlight is sufficient, but if he can get direct sunlight more efficiently will grow.

  • Aloe vera daylight is important. After a long day the light must be positioned so that you can receive.
  • We must be careful when aloe vera over. Especially when performing irrigation should be very careful. You should certainly stay away from more irrigation. More irrigation will occur from one of the diseases that the roots will rot. For irrigation the soil to dry out completely should be expected. In the open field where you can soak up the sun and plenty of your plants if you’re in an area every day or every other day, even if you can do that. This is completely associated with the drying of your soil.
  • Aloe vera cultivating of the soil to be filtering . The roots of the plant carries great importance in terms of drainage can be so good. if your plant isn’t enough tea in the soil if your soil is more you can make tea by adding a pumice stone.


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