Arthritis You Need To Know About

What Is Calcification - Arthritis  You Need To Know About

What causes calcification? And symptoms of arthritis what is the treatment?

What Is Calcification?

Arthritis, due to damage to the cartilage in the joints occurs. In case it is ruined, and the destruction of the cartilage, the bones and rides on top of the wear occurs. Pain due to this condition occur. Osteoarthritis the type of arthritis in the language of the name used.Osteoarthritis is a rheumatic disease. At the same time is one of the most common of the Rheumatic Diseases.


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In general, hand, foot, knee, hip, foot, arm, leg, neck and shoulders are seen, but at the root of the thumb arthritis is the most commonly the hip, knee and foot joints is experienced. The region where the spinal cord is the least of arthritis are observed. This disease usually is seen in older people. Today, it is a common disease in an intense way. Consists of arthritis for many reasons. Treatment usually an application is made for the reduction of pain.


Symptoms Of Arthritis

The symptoms of arthritis usually is seen in different ways in every region, but are similar to the symptoms of arthritis that occurs in different parts of the body. Arthritis of the body (hands, arms, legs, waist, hip and knee are experienced in the areas. In general, the severe symptom is pain. The motion of the joints while you are in such pain is increasing.


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Sensitivity is a condition that is often experienced. With light pressure applied to the joint area may cause. Experiencing joint stiffness after waking up from sleep situation. The feeling of scratching can be experienced when the joints move. The hard lumps are formed around the joint and is common in a variety of ways.


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  • Pain
  • Sensitivity
  • Joint stiffness
  • Reduction in flexibility
  • The feeling of scratching
  • Bone spurs



Calcification Causes

The first factor of the cause of arthritis are genetic conditions. Arthritis leads to genetic conditions. Some people arthritis can occur due to familial reasons. In addition to genetic factors arthritis leads to excess weight.


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Today the disease, which has become excess weight, it impacts people’s lives and causes many diseases. Induces arthritis as the cause for many diseases. Rahatsizlanmak attempting to remove the excessive load and damaged the structure of the body.


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In sports, some people in the body of a sports person, but some heavy part of your life can cause arthritis. So be careful and you should be careful in this situation people who play heavy sports.


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Provides protection both mental and physical health of the person exercising, but the wrong exercise and movements that benefit instead of harm. Therefore, caution is required. In addition, some diseases also gives rise to arthritis. So people should pay attention to diseases.


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  • Genetic
  • Excess weight
  • Heavy sports
  • Wrong exercises
  • Some diseases


Arthritis Treatment

Treatment for arthritis to reduce pain and improve joint movement are administered to treat.At the same time hindered the progress of the disease. Physical therapy as arthritis treatment is usually first applied. The implementation of the goal of physical therapy is to prevent disease development.


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A method of physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around joints in a person’s it is intended. The use of medication as well as physical therapy. Iusually LAC are used in order to relax the muscles and stop the pain. Is not adequate in cases where physical therapy and medications, surgical treatment is applied. Arthritis surgical treatment method varies from person to person and depending on the region.


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