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diyet yemek - Athlete Diet Programs

Diet for athletes is very important. To be healthy your diet, the more important it is vital for you to gain power and make the Nov. The best diet programs for athletes in different categories we ran.


Engaged in sport, how hard he works, so if people can be achieved. Strengthen the body and engaging the sport, according to strengthen the weak areas are sine qua non for success.Intensive efforts in the gym and training in how the money the more the better. The issue of these people know that nutrition is at least as important. ʺKas among athletes are made in the kitchen.There are a number of ʺ. The body can’t send enough food to feed your muscles enough and you cannot evolve if you do not.How fuel quality used vehicles increases the performance of the body is a kind of machine, because the quality of fuels it is necessary to have submit to him.

diyet yemek - Athlete Diet Programs

Athletes need to provide their bodies with the nutrients diet you apply the know how. Nutrition programs can get good results with different periods determined according to the needs.People who play sports need more calories than what you’re doing feels. How calories is the most important consideration. Most of the calories available in the foods that contain sugar and carbohydrates, but the protein needs the athlete’s body. Mainly protein calories, if taken without fat muscles can be fed and can be developed. For this reason, there are different diet programs available.The athlete’s diet we choose from a list of programs follows:


In the morning

2 slices wholemeal bread

3-4 egg omelet

Fat-free cheese (50-60 grams)

Dec Meal

1 apple, orange, banana or 4-5 strawberries


200 g of chicken or lean meat(boiled or grilled)

1 cup whole wheat pasta and 2 tablespoons fat-free yogurt

Dec Meal

A handful of raw almonds or 2 walnuts


Tuna salad


In the morning

Tomato with feta cheese toast(low-fat cheese and whole wheat-rye bread should be preferred)

Dec Meal

1 bowl tomorrow-fat yogurt


Tuna or chicken salad

Orange juice

Dec Meal

A handful of nuts or seasonal fruit


Boiled or grilled lean meat

Boiled vegetables


In the morning

5 egg omelet (2 yellow, others white)

Into 50 g omelet with fat-free ricotta can be put

Low-fat cheese medium slice, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

Dec Meal

Whole wheat fat free cheese


Grilled low-fat beef or meatballs

Fat-free rice or pasta

Dec Meal

Light yogurt in a bowl

4-5 dried figs or cherries in a bowl


Grilled fish or chicken

Greens with olive oil


Protein Omelette Recipe

protein omlet - Athlete Diet Programs

-5 eggs

-100 grams of skimmed curd

-2 tablespoons of oats

Protein powder -1 tbsp

-A little olive oil

-Upon request, a few raisins, chopped figs

Of the eggs with 2 yolks, the rest leave by a white mixer (blender-rondo) placed. By adding protein powder on the oats and mixed. Put the curd into the pan oiled with a very light olive oil and cook on medium heat for 2 minutes. Over the egg mixture is added. At this point, if desired chopped dried figs or 1 can be added according to taste 5-6 dry long. The cover is closed, and then let simmer on low heat. Surging like high protein cake, your omelet is ready.(Ort: 80 grams protein, 900 calories)

Protein Bar Recipe

protein bar - Athlete Diet Programs

– 1 banana

– 2 egg whites

– 1 small bowl of half-fat yogurt

– 200 gr oatmeal

– 1 teaspoon cinnamon (can be increased on request)

– 1 tablet of dark chocolate (60% cocoa at least)

– Scale 1 protein powder

Add the cinnamon islayip slightly with water over the oatmeal. When it swells up into a bit of oats, yogurt, banana, and chocolate protein powder along with add. Rondo sits on top of the dough in. Then we divide up into molds, which you have heard in advance on the oven to 300 degrees until the light begins to glow (about 10-15 minutes) to cook. Make extra and pull it out and throw it in the freezer and in the microwave or in the oven when you want it you can consume by solving slight.

Curds, Yoghurt Shake

protein shake - Athlete Diet Programs

– 200 g lean curd dessert

– 4 tablespoons of yogurt

– Half a cucumber

– Basil, mint, dill, etc. (according to your taste)

Enough water

Firstly, mint, basil, or dill and put it in a blender and destroy it. The first Lord and continue whisking and add some water. You’re grating the cucumber and yogurt and we add the latest putting water on the prepared mixture continue whisking. It’s better to be intensely thick, but can optionally be diluted with water. In this way, a meal that can be consumed as Dec approximately 40 grams Protein, 5 grams of fat contains a mixture that is becoming. Those who weren’t able to eat the curd and the curd is high in protein without the protein powder is provided to receive to consume.

Sweet Protein Balls

protein topu - Athlete Diet Programs

– Dark chocolate

– Peanut butter

– Flavorless protein powder

How you made the recipe according to taste and need we have not specified the metric that will be about. Dark chocolate and peanut butter into blender and blend put you’re grating.Continue stirring adding flavorless protein powder on a scale. Into bite size then the ball can consume. The rest you can store in a closed container in the fridge for a long time intact.(The mixture may be discarded if a small amount of oatmeal for attachment to desired consistency.)

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