August beetle and interesting features

August beetle and its feature - August beetle and interesting features

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He earned the title of August’s little fairy tales and cartoons, especially in the laziness itself there are many interesting features of insects. By all of these insects are usually known to sing with.

Species otenl they usually are males. Crowing is the cause of, if not a certainty, although it is known that the females could mate to invoke. August male beetles, sings in a voice free vibration of the diaphragm along with the buzz. This buzz is very similar to grasshopper, but grasshoppers, these insects does not have a relationship with. Despite this, grasshopper, beetle and August continuously mixed. However, the two pairs of wings in August of the worm tegument as a transparent structure areas. Due to this feature, more similar to moth these insects.

There is a wrong belief in society about insects August. This is pretty lazy of these insects. The reason for this is the lafonten kanik Orhan Veli translated from ”August beetle and the ant” story. This story is a very familiar story comes next in the story lies and saz player and a beetle August. So, it does not work is lazy. Here, mixing is a subject. It’s not the story described in the August bug, grasshopper Yesil. The life expectancy of the insects that August is only a few weeks. At that time the name for the month of August.

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Other interesting information about the type of this insect species of insects there are on earth, one in August 2000. This number poses a tremendous number for the type of an insect. The female beetles of the species, lays eggs on the cracks by opening small slits on thin branches. When you take out the pups and fell to the ground and breaks the eggs are embedded in the ground. By sucking SAP from tree roots and under the ground for many years, can stay. For many years this word refers to some species of beetle living in America for 17 years in August.

Feature to be able to live for years under the soil these insects, which is under the wing of the soil. The process to take a very sudden way, and thousands of beetle-wing in a moment, comes to earth in August. Here, you can live only a few weeks. Therefore, the main living space for these insects of the earth can be called. Most of the insects are eaten by other animals of the earth and sprout wings. Those that did escape from being eaten, they come together and sing in the choir with treble voices.

These insects has the ability to be able to talk all day. Interestingly, because the crow can eat dinner at the same time so many voices came from the mouth. Male insects are exposed to noise in the region of one of the sides and the tail. This organ has the appearance of a drum. The sound that emerged, through the flicker with the movement of the muscles occur.

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