Azoospermia Disease, What Are The Causes?

Metin yer tutucusu - Azoospermia Disease, What Are The Causes?

No live sperm in the semen of azoospermic men is preventing. According to research, on average 10% of men and 15% were found to have azosperm disease. This discomfort usually tapering into two groups, congestion and without congestion in the format is divided into two. The congestion non-azospermli are genetic disorders, congenital remain in the channel above the testis, testicular torsion, certain infections, and due to reasons such as radiation will occur. If the congestion condition in the sperm production in the testicles azosperm, or in a specific area consists of a small number.

Bodybuilding drugs infertility connection: as you develop the body of youth has a passion for the visual, but unconsciously the body when taken drugs in the development of androgen anabolic steroids are hormone-like substances it has been proven that it contains. These ingredients proven harmful effects on the central nervous system while increasing the development Nov not to reveal, in the production of sperm is affecting in a bad way. Nov azosperm disease drug development tests showed that it was highly contaminated in their areas.

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One sperm out of every 100 males is having the problem: every hundred men, one of them azospermiya sperm count or lack of sperm mobility or sperm quality, in terms of undetectable does not conform to the conception that suffers from it. The problem of infertility and therefore are increasing. For this reason you must take a test for the quality and number of your sperm at a young age, because these tests will show whether the father is you in the future. Before you get married and undergoing these scans can take action against it in the future.

The most common reason for infertility in men azosprem: there is not any reason for some types of this disease; experts wanton damage and re-emphasizes that he is not able to produce sperm. IVF azoospermia treatment is recommended for no reason. This method is called tese sperm increased the chances of having a child who couldn’t cum.

Whether achieved by the method of tese sperm is alive, the sperm quality and mobility with the IMSI, which is a new technological method which can be examined more closely.

Of discomfort never Azosperm sexual performance relationship. With this type of conditions comes from the semen of men; but is not found in the sperm of men.


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