Baby Bathing

baby bathing - Baby Bathing

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BATHING For the first year of life, your baby will only need to be bathed every 2-3 days. Sponge baths are a good way to help you and your baby become accustomed to the new routine. Limit bathing to sponge baths—not tub baths—until your baby’s umbilical cord drops off.

There is no one right way to bathe a baby, but there are some basic guidelines to follow. As you become more comfortable with your baby, you can adapt these guidelines to fit your baby’s needs:

■ Bathe your baby in a warm,draft-free environment.
■ Have bath supplies ready
before beginning the bath.
■ Keep the water temperature
comfortably warm, not hot.
Before placing your baby in
the water, always test the
temperature of the water with
your elbow.
■ Wash the baby’s face first,
using plain water and a wash-
cloth. Wash your baby’s eyes
from the inner corner to the
outer, using different parts of
the washcloth for each eye.
■ Use a mild non-deodorant soap
and a soft washcloth to wash
the rest of the baby’s body,
working downward toward the
baby’s feet. Pay special atten-
tion to folds and creases.

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