Before The Earthquake Dogs Can’t Feel It?

Research reveals that dogs predict earthquakes with advanced detection capabilities and sensory organs feel. Studies have shown that for every dog, and each asserts that the earthquake will not be able.

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There are many events that are observed in daily life that animals felt before an earthquake. The number of scientific observations is very small. In general, the consensus according to the opinion who felt the earthquake have different reactions to animals. For example, the rats are leaving the nest, the ducks from the water, they’re coming out of the woodwork bears and wolves, free-roaming dogs often they disappear. Huzursuzlasiyo house dogs, the birds in the cage are dying. A dog with great response in the previous earthquake the second earthquake might be quite calm.In a study on dogs, the same Dog, the front seven reacted to the earthquake, not at all the thing to the end was observed. However, of these responses, such as the absence of data on connection with the violence of the earthquake, before the earthquake, how long the data is shaped.

First, the news of the earthquake must be very well developed to give your dog’s senses and perceptions, and the second is the reactions of the animal by the owner, in a very good way should be analyzed. In short, both dog and owner both must be trained and skilled on this subject.

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