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Of apples consumed by almost everyone enjoyed the list of benefits does not end here. Apple, Heart, intestine, diabetes, obesity such as prevents many diseases.


Apple is a fruit that is consumed by love for each of us. With different colours and flavours are always the most easily accessible food source. Get the opportunity of growing in almost any climate. There is much in the nature of the reasons for Apple, of course there is. Apple is so much of here’s the reasons:

Apple is a fruit that is recognized throughout the history of mankind eat and enjoy. This are manufactured to the high quality standards of each type of fruit in our country. Known and explored by scientists from the past to the present day Apple the benefit of the positive contribution that provides the function of the intestines. Malic acidis used to stop the production of some of the intestinal bacteria.

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Apples Against Colon Cancer

People who regularly eat apples doesn’t live intestinal problems. In Turkey and neighboring countries-fiber foods (the indigestible part of plant foods) is consumed more than in other European countries too, because bowel cancer the risk of bears. One of the problems that constipation may also be invited to colon cancer. Non-users carries the risk of all cancers is known. Thanks to Apple, people who smoke even cancer diseasesprevention can be preserved.


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It Lowers Cholesterol

Apple, preventing you from reaching the intestines to incorporate the animal fats we eat. This then allows cholesterol to be removed from the body in animal fats.


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Cardiovascular diseases

The Apple, the cholesterol level in the blood to the lower levels of the body and tensile strength, it helps to the Prevention of cardiovascular disease. In the blood cholesterol, free radicals (oxygen molecules are mutant), unless it is to stick to vessel walls and oxidized by hardening of the arteries doesn’t make. Some substances in apples prevents sticking to the walls of the arteries by reducing blood cholesterol. In this case, Apple goes to the front of heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure.


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Sugar and sugar foods into blood sugar for diabetics worst nightmare acceleration. Allows useful substances in the intestine by rapid absorption of sugar in apples. In this way, blood sugar levels rise quickly to prevent is happening. This makes apples the most preferred food for diabetics.


obezite 001 - Benefits Of Apple


People who consume apples instead of sweets of different types, it is noted that the weight of had a problem. Because it doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar apples. Immediately he’s hungry apple eaters. After they ate the apple fruit in in the time of people on a diet consumption a long-lasting feeling of fullness.

Shell predicts the consumption of unpeeled apples daily for a healthy lifestyle experts.

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