Benefits Of Linden

Benefits Of Linden - Benefits Of Linden

Frequently consumed herbal tea during the winter months, which is one of Lime, has a very important place in terms of Health.

Grown in temperate climates, lime, and fragrant and is a plant very useful in terms of Health.The bunch dangling yellow fragrant flowers, with the indication of the linden trees on almost every street and quite.

Especially with the arrival of winter, one of lime tea is frequently consumed herbal tea for health is very important. In the winter months, which provides protection against many diseases and resistance to lime tea it is loved by almost everyone.

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Vitamin A also known as a natural antibiotic which is very rich in Linden. It regulates the digestive system and helps to strengthen the immune system. Regular consumption of heart health skin health and treatment offers effective protection from lime in many areas.

The consumption of lime preferred in different cultures, in addition to providing protection against digestive and immune system diseases are used as a sedative. A calming property which has lime, reducing stress and calms the nerves. Of people who suffer from sleep at the same time the consumption of lime provides a more comfortable sleep and offers a more comfortable transition to sleep with.


Linden is often consumed especially in the winter months, the immune system provides resistance against disease and significant protection. Regular consumption of lime provides protection against outbreaks that occurred during the winter months. At the same time during the winter months for the purpose of protection against diseases lime tea consumed in conjunction with honey and lemon when consumed has more impact. the most important factor to be considered in the consumption of lime tea with honey and lemon, add honey to the tea after it becomes warm. Of hot water with honey to reduce the effects of otherwise.

Which provides high protection against diseases and resistance to Lime during the winter months, cold weather and diseases caused by the effect of coughing to a minimum. In treatment of cough commonly used and positive results to be obtained by increasing the resistance of the body, which enables rapid recovery Linden provides. At the same time minimizes the problem by accelerating blood circulation of the chills during the winter months. Especially by addressing anemia allows you to reduce and even eliminate to be cold.

With chronic diseases in the treatment of bronchitis and asthma by opening up respiratory passages for breathing lime tea consumption with positive results that can be comfortable ensures. Which shows itself especially in the winter months bronchitis, drug therapy, are treated with as well as Linden tea. Lime tea enables easier breathing by relaxing the bronchi.

Lime tea is supported with the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma.With regular use, allows reducing the symptoms of asthma attacks to occur less frequently.At the same time provides resistance and protection against many of the immune system disease asthma triggers.

Increased sweating during the cold winter months and many immune system disorders to treatment with alginlik contributed. Harmful to the body sweating excretion of toxins to the healing process is accelerated by providing. In this period it is consumed, cayenne pepper and lime tea, which helps to sweat more to sweat by participating in May be provided.


Accelerator feature known lime blood flow, the arteries that may occur in the vicinity of the layers by accelerating blood flow and prevents blood clotspasses in front of it. Lime stimulates blood circulation at the same time cleansing the blood .

It stimulates blood flow and cleans the blood Linden, contributes to heart health by preventing atherosclerosis. Heart health, albeit indirectly contributing na Linden, the body has a very important place in terms of Health.

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Just such as in the immune system in the digestive system which are quite effective lime tea facilitates digestion and provides protection against various digestive system diseases.Experts recommends the consumption of lime tea 3 cups per day.

Running slow and lazy metabolism, especially the metabolism of people who have a digestive system it is stated that the consumption of lime and made quick work of the intestines.


Especially for dry and sensitive skin Linden recommended, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. To acquire a healthy appearance, which allows the skin lime, rejuvenated skin. Lime which allows the cleaning of the skin cells and prevents wrinkle formation by stimulating regeneration of the stain. Also stain and wrinkle treatment gives positive results.

Lime used in the context of many skin care products, skin care, contributes to, while it also provides treatment and protection against disease many skin. Eczema and psoriasis which is used in the treatment of lime, by preventing itching provides relief to the skin. At the same time applied to the eye area and around the eyes discharge from eye and lime juice prevents the bacteria purifies.


Itching scalp hair rinsing water, which has preventive properties when joined to the Linden nourishes and eliminates itching on the scalp that occur. Feeder feature , which is the Linden nourishes and strengthens hair.

In the hair and scalp that accumulates during the day dust, dirt and debris by clearingpurifies the scalp. To strengthen your hair at the same time.


  • One of the important elements that need to be considered in the consumption of Linden tea is the amount of consumption. Prolonged and excessive consumption leads to various heart ailments lime. However, do not have side effects with short term use.
  • Linden tea before it runs out of women in pregnancy and lactation are advised to consult their doctors.
  • Lime tea to reduce the effects of the boil while preparing for a long time why you did not provide benefit.
  • Keep warm while consuming the lime.


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