Benefits of Weight Loss 5 - Benefits of Weight Loss

-Kardiovaskü have reduced the risk of disease, 
blood pressure values, which -High falls 
-Type 2 diabetes, the risk of falls 
-Hiperinsül Darwinism is decreased insulin sensitivity is increased 
by blood glucose levels to normal approaching 
from liver steatosis regresses 
signs in apnea subsides 
-Tromboz trend decrease 
Blood lipids improves 

Başlıksız 2 - Benefits of Weight Loss

indir 300x77 - Benefits of Weight Loss

– Headache problems such as osteoarthritis, heel spurs, low back pain, headaches – 
problems such as irregularity of the condition, PCO, infertility are corrected 
-Psychological problems back 
– confidence is assured – 
social acceptance becomes easier 
How much weight do we have if we lose weight?
If you are to lose weight for health, you should choose the target that is not the ideal weight. This increases the chances of success. 5-10% weight loss should be considered as an achievable target. Although this may seem very little, it is actually very useful. In the studies; With 5% weight loss: -Pheal 
It has been shown that complaints such as depression pains decrease. 
When there is a 10% weight loss: 
-Mortality reduction (20-25%) – 
Decrease in blood pressure (Approximately 10 mmHg) – Improvement in lung 
function zayiflama2 - Benefits of Weight Lossand sleep apnea – 
Decreased thrombosis – Reduction in 
inflammation – Reduction in 
risk of diabetes (50%) 
– Improvement in lipids Cholesterol is shown to be 10%, LDL 15%, Triglyceride drops 30%, HDL rises to 8%).




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It is a proposal and Information article that has been compiled from different sources. There is no definitive diagnosis and treatment. Ask your doctor about any health problems. Remember, the treatment methods applied in health problems may vary according to the biology of individuals, hereditary characteristics, age, height, weight differences, allergic aspects and dozens of such conditions. Only your doctor can help you in the treatment of your health problems.

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