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Benjamin Flower Care

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Benjamin grows in flower pots. Home, office and business establishments of our life that gives peace and colorizes, such as a potted plant. Small and beautiful with a nice picture of a nice looking and adds air where it is leaves. Varies between 50 cm and 2.50 cm in length. The body that are twisted and braided varieties. There are 3 different color varieties of small leaves, dark Yesil, Yesil Yesil leafy potted flowers open white and Benjamin. Benjamin is a highly preferred product because it is fairly easy to care for Flower. They light the place with love.Sheds its leaves in the dark in the remaining sections. To prevent this, the direction of light in the dark 1 time per week the rest should be returned to the receiving side. Flow like the wind in front of the front door glass should not be put in places where it will be exposed to, otherwise their leaves are shedding.

3e5e51c15ea2b317e216af42b93de2e8 200x300 - Benjamin Flower CareWater the soil before irrigation takes place, you need to find out whether a finger of the flower sink into the soil should be checked. If your toe while it’s still damp if they are getting wet in the watering process 1, a few days later we can leave. Irrigated 1 time per week on a regular basis during the winter season, especially in the summer when the air temperature of the increase was owing to my regularly 2 times a week watering should be sufficient. A bowl of water for irrigation and the scale should not be changed.When watering, the most important point to be considered is the temperature of the water to be room temperature, otherwise the roots of the flower and the leaves will be damaged.

Chichewa after the irrigation process, the accumulated water in the bowl at the bottom of the pot and smell the lack of boceklenme to shed are useful. Benjamin flower, likes plenty of light. But keep it away from direct sunlight. Light plant light plant once a week to show the trend in that direction with the direction of arrival of the party in the direction of the sunlight must be converted to light. Plants enough light if it fails to receive the negative results are seen. Benjamin Flower is a form of irrigation that should be considered in the care of another. In the summer irrigation technique, Monday and Thursday, days may be preferable.Monday watering in the winter days technique may be preferred.

The scale should always be the same water basin which is used in the irrigation process, the water that spilled into the bottom of the pot and then flower in the morning if the evening most sulamis potted in the container should be poured the accumulated water. Thus, the formation of the smell of the plant in the soil and pests will be prevented. The basic rule of the watering process is this: the plant must be given water as the soil dries. So the soil is dry or watery dip our fingers into the soil to make sure that it is possible to understand that as dry or wet. If the soil is wet, you should postpone the irrigation process.Benjamin flower wind flow should be kept away from the area. Windy weather can cause damage to flower petals dangling from it.

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