Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises

bent over - Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises

Most of the athletes pushing every bodybuilding muscles, shoulder muscles. Well which are the best exercises for shoulder muscles, these exercises should be applied and how? Here’s the best shoulder muscle exercises with all the details…


You need to have an attractive body and broad shoulders steep. On external appearance the shoulders, which are quite effective, charismatic well-built it is very important to have a body.

Shoulder muscles, one of the most difficult muscles of the body. Without neglecting everyone must do is definitely dealing with the sport of bodybuilding. Bodybuilding shoulder exercises for beginners to do exactly but it doesn’t. After a lot of hard of these muscles, the shoulder muscles also give up on athletes. However, shoulder muscles, other muscles is a group of more demanding as compared to Nov. Should be done in an orderly manner without disturbing the stability.

The most effective exercises for shoulder muscles for you. we searched Exercises that…

sinav hareketi - Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises


Exam almost all body exercises working the musclesare quite effective. Here are sinav pull in the most accurate way:

  • Lie down on my face.
  • Open your hands at shoulder width.
  • Bend your knees and press your toes inward and lift up.
  • Your hip and keep your back straight.
  • Take a breath and get off your arms in a way that is parallel to the ground.
  • Giving rise to breathe.
  • But definitely the chest should touch the floor.

omuz sinavi - Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises

Shoulder Exam

Muscles acting on the shoulder exam more than the regular exercise. Here’s the implementation of the shoulder exercises:

  • Open your feet a little more than shoulder width.
  • Tilt down from the waist up.
  • Open your hands more than shoulder width
  • Lift your hips knees without breaking your legs.
  • Your heels off the ground, just get on your toes.
  • Take your breath up your nose and get down the floor.
  • Giving up your breath.

back press - Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises

Press Back

Rear shoulder and back muscles with an exercise that develops the arm muscles.Implementation:

  • Your back straight sit on the coffee table.
  • Grasp the bar in your neck.
  • Take your breath.
  • Lift the bar up over your head in a vertical position without bending your back
  • Lower the bar and exhale.

lateral raises - Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises

Lateral Raises

Extend the shoulder for those who want to a highly effective exercise. The tops of his shoulders, side, shoulder and trapezius muscles that exercise develops and applies to the following:

  • With your feet at shoulder width open.
  • Take a dumbbell in your hand and hold your hands next to your body two.
  • Exhale your arms out to your sides at shoulder level.
  • Come back to the starting position.

bent over - Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises

Bent Over Lateral Raises

Another exercise which is effective to extend the shoulder. Shoulder press, rear shoulder and back muscles are very suitable for. Applies to the following:

  • Your feet 4 fingers wide open.
  • Bend your knees slightly, and bend your waist forward and your back to be straight.
  • Grasp the dumbbell in a manner that elbows slightly bent.
  • Breath taking the dumbbell out to your sides at shoulder level.
  • By giving your breath return to the starting position.

side lying - Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises

Side-Lying Lateral Raises

In the development of the deltoids muscle is extremely effective. Applies to the following:

  • The coffee table, sideways to lie down.
  • Get support from the bench by bending your bottom arm at your elbow.
  • Hold the dumbbell with your hand.
  • Lift the dumbbell up by taking your breath.
  • By giving breath to come back to your first position.

one arm 001 - Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises

One Arm Dumbbell Press

Top and side raises shoulder muscles an exercise. Also the arm for the muscles is extremely effective. Applies to the following:

  • Sit stand with your back straight. (You can dock your back to the coffee table.)
  • Grasp a dumbbell with both hands.
  • Hold your breath and the dumbbell, respectively, on the top of your head to remove it.
  • Rotate your wrists so your wrist is facing upward.
  • Exhale and lower the dumbbell.

Note: you can do this exercise standing.

seated press - Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises

Seated Dumbbell Press

Front, rear and side shoulder muscles develops. Applies to the following:

  • So it will be straight back to the coffee table to sit down
  • Grip the dumbbell from the base and hold in position.
  • Remove as much on your shoulders.
  • Then take a breath and lift up over your head.
  • You can come back to your initial position and exhale.

front raises 001 - Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises

One-Dumbbell Front Raises

In developing the trapezius muscles of the side and is very effective. The implementation in the following way:

  • Your feet 4 fingers wide open.
  • Keep your back straight and your abdominal muscles tight
  • Dumbbell, with your arms stretched out, a grasp on your leg.
  • Take your breath up to your shoulder height and lift the dumbbell right in front of you.
  • Slowly and controlled lower the dumbbell and exhale.
  • Exhale when the transaction is finished.

barbell front - Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises

Barbell Front Raises

Trapezius muscles that develops a very important exercise. Applies to the following:

  • Keep your hand wide open and your feet.
  • Tensing your abdominal muscles and keep your back straight.
  • Grasp the bar with your arms as both hands stretched out.
  • Take your breath and your head to the level of the bar remove.
  • Lower the bar by giving breath.

dambil front - Best Shoulder Muscle Exercises

Dumbbell Front Raises

A very effective exercise to develop shoulder muscles side. Implementation:

  • Hand and your feet wide open.
  • You keep the calf on the side of the dumbbell or two in your hand.
  • Take your breath.
  • Lift the dumbbell to the shoulder right in front of You respectively.
  • Exhale and move your complete.
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