Bodybuilding At Home

Bodybuilding At Home - Bodybuilding At Home

Everyone can do at home without tools, bodybuilding. Which runs the transaction in which region? Here’s the bodybuilding you can do at home…with pictures


At home you want to improve your body and as high as the number of people who want to do without this tool is substantial. Most people want to give him money because he doesn’t pick up the tools and after a while it goes on a whim and tools are dumped in a corner. After waiting for a while or going into the crawlspace or otherwise removed out of sight around the corner.

Most people just form to your body by using your own body weight he can get he doesn’t know. Some moves to be made at home and it’s not that hard to develop muscle, get rid of body fat. Every movements you can do with the help of common household items before moving on to some movements will be a bit difficult for beginners. Here are moves to enhance your body at home without tools:


1.Pushups AND PLANK

zor sinav - Bodybuilding At Home

Pushups movement, different groups of movements that is capable of running efficiently at the same time Nov. Although it is a bit challenging in the beginning for those who are not familiar, the coming days will get easier. The chest muscles are the most influential group of the movement sinav run Nov. Then the chest muscles, back, abdominal, front shoulder and rear arm muscles. By making a single movement of this region in different ways which you can concentrate more on there if you want to run.

– Hands close to each other and the rear arms inner chest muscles in a position to be made sinav more runs.

– Hands open and shoulders from the wide-angle position when the outer chest muscles and shoulder muscles more runs.

– Putting an object under your feet or putting their feet on the seat high the upper chest muscles more runs to be made by sinav. More weight ARMS also make it difficult for his exam, and will boost the development of Nov.

plank 004 - Bodybuilding At Home

The plank test is done by taking a position in a manner similar to the movement also. With an emphasis on the difference of the hands not the elbows. Nor is it simply elbows in your back and abdomen can be tense, depending on the way facing head on is to wait until. Resistance to this movement with abdominal and lumbar muscles gains.



mekik 002 - Bodybuilding At Home

The easiest exercises for the abdominal muscles that can be applied at home between shuttles. A flat stomach, tighter image and a baklava for shuttling is required. While shuttling your abdominal muscles, not your waist with him, side, belly, and thigh muscles works. One of the exercises that can be used to refine the lumbar region. According to the form of construction of the upper and lower abdominal muscles can be run.

While shuttling your abdominal muscles and lower your feet to move more air if you remove the very difficult to will work. Divan or a hard object by compressing it under your feet if you make the shuttle more repetitions after your muscles start to burn. You have to make the movement easier or harder. Waist, back and neck discomfort, it is not recommended for those with shuttling. These people are tools from the shuttle can take help or you can strengthen abdominal and back muscles with the squat movement.



evde dips hareketi - Bodybuilding At Home

Dips are the best move the rear arms in the house for movement. To do this, two objects is sufficient to carry your weight. A duo consisting of a chair seat and the most ideal. Your hands close to the body so it will be your butt in the chair and your feet on the heels of the two sides to stabilize by fixing your elbows at 90-degree closed a little more, and then by opening it you can do a move. The rear gets a large part of your arm muscles in this movement your body weight.

The point to be considered while doing the movement, your elbows will leave far behind. Lay your hands on the edge of the couch as much as possible you must keep your body upright.Otherwise, the spine and the tendons will lead to injury to be overly nervous. Also the only chair or seat can be done with your heels in the place. Place the feet in the way that it did in the initial phase, it will be easy to do. First we tell the way to do the rear arms in the coming days the movement will run better.


kadin squat - Bodybuilding At Home

Sinav and pull-ups squats running multiple groups, such as one of the acts on Nov. This motion, your legs opening a little more than shoulder width and squat up and made to stand up. To start one’s own body weight will be sufficient. When it comes to your light body in weight, weight that will create objects that you put heavy items in your lap or you can take the help of a backpack.

The squat movement is primarily a leg and hip muscles, including the abdomen, waist and back muscles also runs. Then most strengthens the legs muscles, abdominal and lumbar muscles are. Most athletes never doing sit-ups have confessed that they are having strong abs just squat with the movement. Squat at the front of one of the legs also can be done.Commando lunges rear leg muscles more runs on the movement known as dance. You take one step up the ladder by adding the movement of object under your foot and a high called you can easily make at home.

duvar squat - Bodybuilding At Home

However, those who want to run more according to the movement squat upper leg, your back against the wall, throw up, like to bend over and get up under it like there’s a chair they can move. If the friction is too high on the wall or fridge door could do with the same movement.When you do this movement correctly, you will feel more of the upper thigh burn.



ip atlama 002 - Bodybuilding At Home

Jumping rope the leg muscles, strengthens the back and waist muscles. Long-term jump-rope will allow you to improve your fitness and burn plenty of calories to make it move Nov. It is important to maintain a certain pace while jumping rope. Serial fast with jumps to be difficult at first, although later times will come easy when you’re used to.

While jumping rope with two feet and then one foot should be located at start. Sequentially every two feet to jump, turn and run again after a double leg alone for a while and should continue. This tempo will change according to the condition of a person person for a few minutes, double foot, by one foot trying to jump a few minutes you will find.


amuda kalkip omuz calisma - Bodybuilding At Home

The movement of the push usually is done with a dumbbell from the shoulder, and shoulder press with the name of the last movement. To do this in the home environment is quite simple. PET bottles filled with sand or dambilsiz you can get help from you. Initially this will be enough for you. When your level progresses and the weights started to come to light, you can do using your own body weight.

Made using the movement of your body weight handstand on the basis of lies. Standing in front of a wall or a cabinet starts. Back, butt, legs and arms from the elbow to lean on him the way is slowly broken. Leads until the head touched the ground, and then it will return to the initial movement of the handstand. By doing this, if you put your hands under your head, and comes down from the riser two-object push from the shoulder to the movement of your hands you will literally be carried out.



freeletics hareketleri - Bodybuilding At Home

Most of the action takes place top 15 in weeks to lose weight and shape guarantee program.Suggesting one’s own body weight to do exercises with and without tools to work has been noted. In a short time many people tried it and remained satisfied with the results.

Freeletics movements that can be done in the home or garden, above the non-horizontal movement. This is a home chin-up bar pick up or pull-ups, you need to go to a place where you can. There are also running in this program. To run the treadmill or jumping rope can benefit from this by this you can evaluate the amount of time. The program consists of training per day for 4 days you are working against the clock, and is concentrated even more in the weeks that called Hell Week. It burns fat when you stay on schedule at the end of mass you can increase your 15 weeks and Nov.Freeletics the most important feature of the body that provide durability and also the ability to carry yourself.

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