Bodybuilding Program At Home

Pull ups - Bodybuilding Program At Home

Those who don’t have time to go to the gym, do bodybuilding at home. If provided the necessary tools for this for many years in your own home can improve your body. Here’s a picture a strength training program at home with style…


To improve the body, there is no need to necessarily go to the gym. If you don’t have the intention of returning it to an advanced level at home and also you can get fruitful results of your own efforts. To do this, first what you need is a powder room. This is a room that you can devote to your home business if you have the required tools and can start right away.

Be taken before moving the equipment to fit the gym in order to lose the weight and lightweight going to look at how we’re going to count the tools will not need to get. Ownusing your body weight , you can do different moves will be enough for him. Of the basic moves that can be done at home with your body weight, let’s talk briefly about:

1. exam

sinav cekme - Bodybuilding Program At Home

exam movement, different groups of movements that is capable of running efficiently at the same time Nov. Although it is a bit challenging in the beginning for those who are not familiar, the coming days will get easier. The chest muscles are the most influential group of the movement sinav run Nov. Chest muscles then back, abdominal, front shoulder and rear arm muscles. By making a single movement of this region in different ways which you can concentrate more on there if you want to run. For example, the hands sinav made to be close to each other, the inner chest muscles and the back muscles of the arm more runs. Your hands away from each other wide opening outer chest and shoulder muscles on the arms is made by sinav runs. Apart from that;sinav is one hand behind the other more in the future, right shoulder out towards the front of the legs to knuckle down and made sinav, sinav, such as the height of the head is held in front of your hands there are many different shapes. Nov include the development and stimulation of different groups in every way.

2. Pull-ups

barfiks hareketi - Bodybuilding Program At Home

To your garden if you have the opportunity, from the internet you can do from iron or an iron bar attached to the door taking one of the best moves you can put into practice the pull-up.Pull-ups using your own body weight to lift your upper body muscles. There is no need for every person and your own body develop your muscles to handle this. The people who work in a desk job in the daily routine for horizontal movement are among the most difficult of movements. At first I couldn’t see a day when that will increase as the number of getting and trying out.Pull-ups when taking the forearm muscles, wings, and back muscles extremely well is stimulated. Hands at shoulder width with Palms opened and facing forward, made Pull-Ups the most efficient pull-up. Desired to be executed by the region may be narrow or broad.Your hands facing inward, with one hand, staring out a hand for a hand made or we offer a variety of. Also pull-ups by removing your feet forward when doing abdominal muscles training can also be provided.

3. Shuttle

mekik hareketi - Bodybuilding Program At Home

The easiest exercises for the abdominal muscles that can be applied at home between shuttles. A flat stomach, tighter image and a baklava for shuttling is required. While shuttling, not with her abdominal muscles, waist, side, belly, and thigh muscles works. One of the exercises that can be used to refine the lumbar region. According to the form of construction of the upper and lower abdominal muscles can be run. Reverse shuttle usually focuses on your lower abdominal muscles. If you remove the air and move your feet while shuttling to your muscles will increase very difficult to burning. Divan or a hard object by compressing it under your feet if you make the shuttle more repetitions after your muscles start to burn. You have to make the movement easier or harder. Waist, back and neck discomfort, it is not recommended for those with shuttling. These people are tools from the shuttlecan take help or you can strengthen abdominal and back muscles with the squat movement.


4. Squat

squat egzersizii - Bodybuilding Program At Home

Sinav and pull-ups squats running multiple groups, such as one of the acts on Nov. This motion, your legs opening a little more than shoulder width and squat up and made to stand up. To start one’s own body weight will be sufficient. When it comes to your light body in weight, weight that will create objects that you put heavy items in your lap or you can take the help of a backpack. The squat movement is primarily a leg and hip muscles, including the abdomen, waist and back muscles also runs. Then most strengthens the legs muscles, abdominal and lumbar muscles are.Most athletes never doing sit-ups have confessed that they are having strong abs just squat with the movement. Squat at the front of one of the legs also can be done. Dance commando known as Lunges rear leg muscles more runs on movement. You take one step up the ladder by adding the movement of object under your foot and a high called you can easily make at home.


5. Dips

dips egzersizi 001 - Bodybuilding Program At Home

Dips are the best move the rear arms in the house for movement. To do this, two objects is sufficient to carry your weight. A duo consisting of a chair seat and the most ideal. Your hands close to the body so it will be your butt in the chair and your feet on the heels of the two sides to stabilize by fixing your elbows at 90-degree a little more you can do this by opening it and then move off. With this move, your arm muscles rear gets a large part of your body weight. The point to be considered while doing the movement, your elbows will leave far behind. Lay your hands on the edge of the couch as much as possible you must keep your body upright. Otherwise, the spine and the tendons will lead to injury to be overly nervous.



After explaining movements you can do using your own body weight, as well as the tools you need to purchase. In order to implement the program, we give weight according to your body weight and you’ll start by buying a set of power Nov. One short bar(optional) and two dumbbell bars , 2 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg of weight at first to get two pieces will be sufficient. 5 kg and 10 kg heavier if I can work more if you say that two of the ones you can get.

evde antrenman programi - Bodybuilding Program At Home

Those supplement take supplement. After your workout take protein powder to use and will help you get fast results. Weak people protein powder instead of weight gainer and creatineyou can take. You will benefit from strengthening and allow them to gain weight. Creatinine anyone can use it. Enhance your performance in training. In addition, nutrition is extremely important. High protein get the muscles you need to feed. It is necessary to consume your daily calorie intake and increase protein. The food will make up for it and just doesn’t want to use a supplement nutritional it is necessary to pay much more attention to the topic of people who. As for the program…


-First 2 Weeks

It is important that the first week. Stimulation of the muscles and tendons in the body requires the development of hamlasmis. So much to enter Heavy may cause an injury. During 2 weeks with light weights you can make sure your body is ready.

1. Dumbell Press 3 Sets Of 12 Repetitions

2. Dumbell Curl 3 Sets 12 Repetitions

3. Dumbell Floor Press 3 Sets Of 12 Repetitions

4. Sinav Uncovers Until 3 Sets

5. One-Arm Dumbell Row – 3 Sets 12 Repetitions

6. Triceps Dumbell Extension 3 Sets 12 Repetitions

7. Squat 3 Sets Of 15 Again

8. Lunges 3 sets of 15 Again


-The Next Two Weeks. –

He threw the muscles and tendons strengthened, in shape is considered. Still too hard again, the numbers drop a bit by increasing the weight a little and this two-week period must be passed. It should be noted that strain the muscles of weights to be added.

1. Dumbell Press 3 Sets 10 Reps

2. Dumbell Curl 3 Sets 10 Reps

3. Dumbell Floor Press 3 Sets 10 Reps

4. Sinav Uncovers Until 3 Sets

5. One-Arm Dumbell Row – 3 Sets 10 Reps

6. Triceps Dumbell Extension 3 Sets 10 Reps

7. Squat 3 Sets 12 Repetitions

8. Lunges 3 sets of 12 repetitions

-The Next 2 Weeks-

Tendons and muscles during two weeks of waking from sleep, and began to renew and develop itself during this two-week period, increase the weight again and reduce the number of NOV will be useful for the development of. The legs again, the numbers will remain constant. The program’s pull-ups should be added. Step up lunges instead of movement-movement can be made.

1. Dumbell Press 3 Sets Of 8 Again

2. Pull-Ups Can Be Made Until 2 Sets

3. Dumbell Curl 3 Sets Of 8 Again

4. Dumbell Floor Press 3 Sets Of 8 Again

5. 3 Sets Until Sinav Uncovers

6. One-Arm Dumbell Row – 3 Sets Of 8 Again

7. Triceps Dumbell Extension 3 Sets Of 8 Again

8. Squat 3 Sets 10 Reps

9. Step Ups 3 sets 10 reps


-Next Week-

Body weight is ready to work in the next few weeks. Left behind the movement for a certain preparation period, you will learn how to do what you need. By using correct and wrong actions in subsequent programs that you can handle the heaviest plates you should strain your muscles.

After your muscles are being forced fed and grow as good as you will see with your own eyes. As they see the change, your motivation will increase and you’ll also be more willing.Remember, the most difficult first two weeks. You went through the time and the rest will follow.

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