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NEWS.UPLOAD IMAGEnew.95b03c38 57a5 4e31 acb5 94aaa451829b - bosch motorcycle innovations

That makes it more safe and comfortable to ride a motorcycle in the city of Bosch technologies that constitute a hazard to traffic situations in front of from the first time you may be contacted.

On the bike the most important feature to consider is Safety. For this reason, the support systems that make roads safer for Motorcycle drivers Bosch offers many solutions and packages such as intelligent connectivity. Also innovative research projects to advance the stages of the sector’s future plans.

Some of Bosch’s leading technologies:

Technology that reduces wheel slippage

Wet leaves, oil leak or pebbles on the road surface, the wheels can cause it to slip sideways. In such cases, the motorcycle drivers to fix their vehicles, the chance is almost nil! You need to apply additional lateral force to protect drivers from possible risks. Based on these requirements, Bosch, developed a project to reduce slippage. Thanks to the project, he perceives the wheels sliding sideways a sensor, and if it exceed a certain value, then just a ‘magic hand’ as it keeps me on the bike path, and reduces your risk of falling.In the event of exceeding the specified value of the accumulator from a gas of the type used in automobile Air bags releasing gas. The released gas is flowing out through a nozzle to the adapter and storage in a particular direction are given. This reverse thrust, keeps it on the bike path.

Radar-based driver assistance systems

As a sensory organ and provides a safe ride on motorcycles and use the radar provides a complete picture of the vehicle’s surroundings. Radar-based support systems, and at the same time make life easier for drivers, driving comfort and enhances the fun.

• Adaptive Cruise Control ACC

The correct Distance to the vehicle in front driving in heavy traffic and a greater concentration of a laborious task that requires protection. ACC, the vehicle speed adjusts according to the flow of traffic and maintains a safe following distance is required. This system held back due to lack of a safe following Distance to the vehicle in front can prevent shock effectively. ACC besides providing more comfort to the driver especially in heavy traffic on the road allows you to be more concentrated.

• Collision warning system

A small loss of concentration in traffic can have serious consequences. Bosch collision warning system for motorcycles to decrease the risk or the consequences of shock has developed. The vehicle is running as the system becomes active, and determined the driver supports all speed ranges. The system is dangerously close to another vehicle, and the driver showed up it was found that the reaction to the situation: a signal warns the driver via voice or video.

• Blind spot detection

This system, carefully checking the entire circumference of the vehicle to change lanes safely help motorcycle riders. A radar sensor, an electronic record and hard to see the fields of the system detects objects in the blind spot in the eye. When a vehicle appears in the driver’s blind spot, the system warns the driver by sending a video signal in the rearview mirror.

From accidents with ABS 4 1% able to prevent

Bosch motorcycle ABS Safety since 1984, each of the technologies in the market and is continuously working in order to improve and ensure that all vehicle classes are used. Bosch accident research, according to all two-wheeled vehicles to be fitted with ABS motorcycle accidents resulting in death or injury in the event of one of the four can be prevented. The EU, Japan, Taiwan, more and more countries across the globe, including Brazil and India, motorcycle ABS require.From the date of 1 January 2018 in Turkey all two-wheeled vehicles, or be equipped with ABS, or at least when the brake is pressed, the brake on the other wheel engaged “united” to take the place of the braking system or advanced braking system used in conjunction with an obligation to be both of these. 10 ABS, especially in the developing markets motorized two-wheeled vehicles designed to meet the requirements.

‘All in one’ safety system: MSC.

MSC (motorcycle stability control) so the motorcycle stability control for two wheeled vehicles, the world’s First ‘All-in-one’ safety system has the distinction of being. The following system parameters such as the angle of the bike’s bed, to make the scooter suitable for normal driving conditions, braking and Acceleration can interfere electronically.

Thus, the Bosch system, The majority of motorcycle accidents occur in curves or when braking suddenly and uncontrollably sleep since that can prevent the bike thoroughly fix itself. Located within the MSC, the new 6D sensor is the smallest and lightest design on the market. This significantly increased the flexibility of mounting the sensor, while it causes less vibration.

Dialog from motorcycles to cars

Digital Bosch for Motorcycle drivers motorcycles and cars that allows them to communicate with each other Armor. Tools with a diameter of a few hundred meters in a tenth of a second a period of time, types of vehicles, speed, position and direction of travel is able to exchange information about.

Before entering into a motorcycle, visibility sensors, the automobile gives the driver of the motorcycle that is approaching the news. The standard data exchange between motorcycles and cars as a basis for public WLAN (its G5) is used. The transmission between the transmitter and receiver only a few milliseconds of time, can generate important information about the traffic status of users that are participating in road traffic, and can transmit that means.

Call for emergency breakdown calls and information

The European Union, as of the date of 31 March 2018 the ‘emergency call’ system made mandatory. Bosch, for cars and motorcycles the call by developing networked vehicles at the same time, to the lifeguard turns. it detects when a motorbike drive crashed, call emergency services automatically sending an emergency call, the type of vehicle and keeps them informed about the position. 2,500 in each year of eCall to save lives and is expected to reduce by 15 percent the number of people seriously injured.bcal in case of failure of the two-wheeled vehicle, in an independent way, the car service you are looking for and is sending the required data. iclal also undertakes the task of an assistant to help motorcycle riders and drivers with basic information such as the location of the nearest gas station can provide.

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