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Close in Greek, which means “braki” is derived from the word. Between body cavities or tissues of radioactive sources, brachytherapy (temporary) irradiation is a technique done by placing.

Before and after treatment for prostate cancer in high doses by applying more and better local tumor control given to an area while providing the delicate tissue around the tumor area decreases the probability given in low doses for normal tissue complication. Standalone Setup to provide appropriate brachytherapy can be applied.

Brachytherapy, cervical, prostate, breast and skin cancers is an effective treatment commonly used. Brachytherapy is not limited to only the above mentioned regions, but tumors in other parts of the body can be used. For these parts, as an example, the tongue base, floor of the mouth, lips, bronchial, nasopharyngeal, esophageal, and rectal tumors can be given.

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