Breastfeeding In The Menstrual Period  - Breastfeeding In The Menstrual Period

Menstrual period; fertility, pregnancy, and even breastfeeding is linked with. One of the first symptoms of pregnancy missing a period is the quantity, and keeps the hormones in the body pregnant the menstrual duration. If a mother decides to breastfeed during this period interval menstruation for weeks, months or may be longer. To breastfeed breastfeeding can be expected to enter into the scheme of your menstrual period and menstruation, and does it affect her baby? How much mothers after the baby is born there may be many questions about what should be expected.

Postpartum Hemorrhage

The bleeding that occurs after the baby is born may seem like a period, but in reality this is not a menstruation. This is the most high lochia (lochia) is called and the uterus in blood, mucus and tissue is a mixture of. Lochia begins bright red bleeding as the most high, can be very heavy and may include clots. After a few days begins to slow down and return to the pink or a lighter color. As the days passed brown, yellow or white at the end. Lochia spotting and the most high may take up to six weeks.

First Period After The Baby Is Born

The first menstrual period, six weeks after the baby’s birth. The mother breast-feeding, which generally can be expected to return within a period of three months. However, everyone’s situation is different, so the time frame will vary from one woman to another. Lactation, can keep longer than the time of your menstrual period. However, even the menstrual period may start immediately emzirse.
In the earlier period are more likely to start in the following cases:
• When breastfed
• Two to three-hour period per day breastfeeding
• When breast milk is given once only
• When the baby starts to sleep through the night
• When baby starts solid foods
• When the baby is weaned

Nursing can be during the menstrual period?

The start of the menstrual cycle, the mother weaned her baby doesn’t mean that you have to cut. Breastfeeding during breast-feeding are completely safe. Definitely does not harm mother and baby. Breast milk is still the most healthy and nutritious food for your baby. However, in the last days until the start of the semester and hormonal changes can affect the shape of breastfeeding for baby breast milk for a few days.

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Menstrual Period, Breast-Feeding Does Affect

Menstrual Period, Breast-Feeding Does Affect?

When your period starts again, breastfeeding with no difference will not be seen. Some changes even though the mother her baby, as usual, continue to breastfeed without caring about anything. However, following the return of the era, why it is also possible that:
• Breast tenderness
• The calcium in mother’s milk the ratio is reduced.
• The taste of Mother’s milk changes.
Changes in the composition of milk around ovulation research (middle loop) has shown. Increased sodium and chloride levels in milk, while lactose (milk sugar), and potassium decreases. Thus, the mother’s milk during this time, becomes more salty and less sweet. Before the beginning of the semester and also during the spawning period, the mother’s milk that can affect the levels of estrogen and progesterone vary. When estrogen and progesterone levels rise and tenderness in the chest may cause you to feel full occupancy. Higher levels of estrogen may affect milk production. The research also shows that calcium levels are reduced in the blood after ovulation. Low calcium levels can also contribute to a decrease in milk supply and painful nipples.

Cope with breast tenderness

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Cope with breast tenderness

When your period starts in the nipple sensitivity is not observed. Therefore, a couple of days before the start of the period, can be a little uncomfortable to breastfeed. Some tips that will help in dealing with nipple sensitivity are as follows:
• If possible, feeding should not be permitted to prevent the pain.
• Put baby suck the breasts should be continued even if the supply of milk and thus can be maintained and fullness in the breast, breast blisters, mastitis and other breastfeeding problems such as blocked ducts can be avoided.
• A numbing cream should not be used to relieve pain. These products numb your baby’s mouth and may interfere with the full discharge of breast milk.
• Sore for a few days to the doctor over-the-counter pain reliever can be asked whether it is safe to use.
• Breastfeeding is very painful, and if it does not work, breast milk can be captured with the help of the pump. Pumping, waiting to pass for sensitivity, will help to protect the source of the milk. It also enables us to continue to provide breast milk to the baby.

In The Period Of Low Milk Supply To Increase

Milk supply corresponding in duration to the period of decline is usually temporary. A few days ago before the semester starts, this can make all the difference. Supply should start to increase again after the semester is over, with the balancing of hormones. To struggle with low milk supply can be made for during the menstrual period.
• Mother’s milk supply naturally should be continued.
• Use or other herbal tea breastfeeding galactagogue (milk-generating nutrients), it may be useful also to increase milk production.
• Oatmeal, almonds, fennel, such as a well-balanced diet, eat more iron-rich foods (red meat, leafy vegetables Yesil) should be consumed in
• Drink plenty of fluids.
• 1000mg calcium and 500mg magnesium taken with the menstrual period both before and combinations of supplements such as calcium and magnesium may be tried.
• For more information and suggestions for helping mom, can I talk with the doctor.
• Also for signs that the baby is getting enough breast milk should be followed. (observation and audio)
• The baby to the pediatrician to make sure that you put on weight grew and should continue to appear on a regular basis.
The breast milk supply drops to a point where if you could not get enough of the child, the pediatrician may recommend a supplement to.

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Period and Baby

Period and Baby

The period before the time of the baby or may have no effect on milk supply. Some babies continue to suck without any problems. On the other hand, some babies taste of Mother’s milk and the baby’s behavior that may occur during this period in the likeness of the decline in the amount of breast milk may experience changes in. Potential changes that may occur in baby’s behavior include the following:
Being restless
• Low milk supply, and more) soak
• Less absorption because it is the mother’s milk at the time of the elongation
• Refuse to suck
It may take only a few days these changes in baby’s behavior. Regular breast-feeding a baby should settle into your routine again when the semester is over. If you have any improvement in a few days, it is recommended that a doctor be consulted.

What Can Be Done For The Start Of Your Menstrual Period When You Are Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding; months of the return of the menstrual cycle, could delay a year or longer. This condition the structure of the body, how often to breastfeed and for how long and decided it depends. In the following cases, this period can be kept longer:
• Only breastfeed
• Day and night breastfeed
• Lying together and cuddling the baby when you’re close
• Has to give the baby a bottle or a pacifier in the case where
• When were supplemented with formula or water,
• Remote start solid foods until the baby is four to six months when the dust settles
Baby, slept through the night, or the period when the calf is weaned are more likely to begin anew. However, some women may begin to menstruate a few months after breastfeeding has completely stopped. Manual pumping of breast milk or lobe on the body, as does breast-feeding has the same effect. If you pump and baby bottle-feeding, the onset of the period is inevitable.

Period and fertility

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Period and fertility

The period starts again when the person should consider yourself lucky and blessed. But the person is not ready to have another baby immediately if methods of birth control should refer to. There is an important point you need to know about menstrual cycle fertility also. Before the start of the menstrual cycle the ovaries (ovulation), an egg can be left. For this reason, when you are breastfeeding, there is a possibility of becoming pregnant even if they have not seen pieces. If birth control were being entered into a sexual relationship should be considered.
Menstruation, lactation, duration of breastfeeding, the mother, the milk and affect the baby. For many women, periods when you get back we don’t see any change but some women are facing problems related to inappropriate or. Fortunately, the most common breastfeeding problems are temporary and caused by the onset of the period. With a decrease in milk supply and nipple sensitivity can be uncomfortable, which often may mean a restless baby or breast feeding. However, if you insist on breastfeeding problems, at least until the next cycle, usually takes a few days, and goes in their own right.
Although breastfeeding is still safe and beneficial in the menstrual period, some mothers choose not to breastfeed after returning to the periods. Low breast milk supply and the baby to be nursed less because of the change in milk taste, it may be easier. How long you breastfeed your baby is so good.

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