what is Burger’s disease and how is it treated

WHAT IS BURGERS DISEASE - what is Burger's disease  and how is it treated

Cigarette addicts seen in Burger’s disease, inability to treat in case of amputation of the limbs of the hand or foot, that can cause disease.


Burger’s disease vascular disease specified as sort of, as a result of inflammation of the veins in the hands and feet. Burger’s disease usually affecting the arteries, the veins may affect in some cases.

Burger for the first time in 1908 as a result of this disease is defined as a disease named Burger. Another name for “thromboangiitis obliterans” the burger’s disease, usually seen in the age range 20-50. Usually non-addicted men seen in Burger’s disease, very recently became apparent in women.

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Vasculitis, inflammation of a portion of the blood vessels is known as. As a result of vasculitis of the subject by narrowing the blood vessels clogging with blood clotting. Blood vessels in the hands and feet cause pain and may lead to damage or death of tissues.Therefore, the treatment of Buerger’s disease is recommended.

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Hand and foot inflammatory blockage of the vessels by a clot as a result of decreased blood flow and can cause severe pain. This pain as well as painful open sores that occur while an increase in the risk of gangrene is observed. Especially the injuries that occur in the feet of patients in around 70% is observed. However, burger’s disease amputation due to gangrene in severe pain or may be untreated.

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The main factor in the formation of Burger’s disease is cigarette smoking. Burger the majority of patients are smokers. For this reason, it is suggested that patients refrain from smoking burger. Cigarette consumption cause a temporary jam of vascular congestion significantly as disease triggers.

Cigarette consumption, as well as Burger’s disease causes in the factor that are available.The cold air from the traumas of many elements play a role of effective scientific Buerger’s disease cause is not yet known. Cold weather and trauma (impact, hit, crash, etc.) as well as Burger’s disease disorders of calcium and are ranked among the causes of choline metabolism.

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In case of Burger’s disease symptoms are observed, a doctor should be consulted without delay. As with any disease, burger’s disease, early diagnosis is of great importance.Symptoms can occur suddenly as sneaky as the show progress. Mild burger’s disease , on average, show signs within 1-2 years, while Burger rapidly progressive diseases, symptoms will occur within 1-2 months.

Burger’s disease that cause pain in the hands and feet walking, or can cause pain during applications that require manual work, while the rest becomes lighter. Classic painkillers pain often does not have this benefit. Later times painful open sores and gangrene formation are given it may be while.

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Symptoms are primarily felt in one or two legs with a feeling of coldness begins. Toes, the top part of the foot, the heel and the discomfort turns into severe pain that is felt in the calf later.At first start with Burger’s disease with rest pain, walking pain at rest as it passes the advancing shows up as well.

Nail cutting, shoe hit, or multiplication; common in daily life, such as Burger’s disease in simple wounds could be cured, although the pain will cause you to increase even more. The wound can cause gangrene later to be dropped where it can cause uzuvun emitted.

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  • Hands, arms, feet and legs pain in
  • Inflammation of the blood vessels
  • Fingers and toes take on a pale hue in cold weather
  • Hands and feet cold / cold feeling
  • Gangrene in fingers and toes
  • Of your toes and fingers are painful, open sores


As with any disease, burger’s disease early diagnosis is very important. In terms of prevention of the progression and to control the progress of the disease, early treatment should be initiated. Coldness in the feet, changes in color of the foot, pain while walking and pain symptoms are observed like in case a doctor should be consulted immediately.

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Burger’s disease, primarily of various drug therapies in the name of preventing the progression of the disease is applied. Vasodilating, anticoagulant and blood thinners such as the course of the disease with various drugs are taken under control. However, in some cases, surgical intervention to eliminate the narrowing of the vessels or on behalf of jam is applied. Surgical intervention with the boundary nodes are removed.

By being careful and attentive to your treatment Buerger’s patients during treatment may contribute to the positive course. This is to avoid the cold for the nails they are cut too deeply, soft and use comfortable shoes, socks be worn at night to keep warm against the feet and certainly it is recommended to leave smoking.


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