Can Cats See At Night?

A cat in the dark with yellow eyes - Can Cats See At Night?

Can Cats See At Night?


The friend in question is so interesting when we have it’s no surprise that there are rumors. The more surprising thing is many of them extremely remote without question whether these legends are true logic, which most people accept it as true without even the need to research. The taste of one of the claims of this urban legend they can cats see in the dark. What about cats or other creatures be able to see in completely dark environments.


Cats see at night than humans

Cats are better at night as compared to men. Called tapetum Lucidum located behind the retina the reason for this is in the eyes of a layer of cats. This layer of reflective cells, thanks to low light sources at night 6 times more compared to us cats are able to benefit, and thus they see better than we do. In the meantime, a cat’s eyes tapetum Lucidum shines at night to the question of why the response is also stored in the layer. The reflective tapetum Lucidum layer of cells in the light reflecting because of a cat’s eyes shine at night. Also;we think we are cats the only creatures with shining eyes at night that’s not true, many other species, including dogs, in the eyes of all the animals that have this layer and this layer is reflective shine at night.

The cats can’t see in a completely dark environment

A light source is supposed to be for cats to see at night, albeit low

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