Cats Whiskers What Does He Do?

cat whiskers - Cats Whiskers What Does He Do?


1c902a0c9cd80af54f38033e1150239f - Cats Whiskers What Does He Do?Mustache, replaced a meter in many cat breeds that most people knows. Cats, mustache with a width of narrow ranges through a range of measures that they decide they like to get. However, not all cat breeds use direction finding mustache.

There are other vital functions of the mustache. Cats have long whiskers on the sides of their noses by rotating the area to understand whether it is the environment for the av scan. The most incomprehensible thing, to understand that there’s a cat of a particular object, that does not have to touch the object of his whiskers. The nerves in the whiskers of the cat by sending them almost beyond perception capabilities delivers a ton of information into the brain.

Cats also delicate on the eyes muscles. These fine feathers, we like our eyelashes, the eyes of the cats are protected from dirt in the air. Detects objects under the chin at the tiny hairs found below. The hair on the front legs, landing a solid place in the presence of cats and predators will help to make sezinlemek.

The mustache also gives signals about the mood of the cat. And sitting calmly to listen to a voice whetted your cat, his whiskers see how it looks. Cats whiskers slightly slanted quiet moments stops. If they feel themselves in danger or point out something but are cut, sewn and forward the whiskers are spontaneously rotates.

Stay without your moustache, your cat’s sense of balance, depth perception and warning systems can affect to some extent. Vets, cats should not be left moustache whiskers stuck out of the house until they recommend that it is extended, this period of time that it may take two to three months.

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