Causes and ways to prevent forgetfulness forgetfulness

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Many people as they get older, forgetfulness, worry about the illuminates. But what are the causes of forgetfulness? How we can prevent forgetfulness? What are the sources of foods and nutrients to prevent forgetfulness?

images 1 - Causes and ways to prevent forgetfulness forgetfulness

Forgetfulness causes the damage and ways to prevent forgetfulness;

Many of us forgetfulness is a problem that affects their personal and social life. In this article, the causes of forgetfulness, their damage, and to avoid forgetfulness and forgetfulness what you can do with foods that are good for you we will share.

In fact, not the ordinary forgetfulness that we face in our everyday lives all of us nitelendiriri.

For example, our wallet to leave home, some special situations like jumping days it is frustrating, but that happens with everyone asinayiz of this type of forgetfulness. However, when such events began to be repeatedly and frequently, especially in the period when Old Age began to make itself felt physically, forgetfulness annoying, alarming as it is take on an identity. The person immediately to mind Alzheimer’s or dementia similar diseases to begin with. However, there are reasons that can be extremely commonplace and easily found the solution of forgetfulness. Therefore, before you panic, forgetfulness of the reasons it’s worth learning this simpler.


The causes of forgetfulness,
forgetfulness of the causes of many neurological and psychiatric disease has been linked to including among. Among these, the most we know dementiadepression andcentral nervous system other diseases that affect. Remember, in the absence of disease can be experienced. Apart from these, in our consciousness we can the things that make it difficult to remember what happened the following list:

1. Stressful living conditions
2. Unnecessary and unimportant things to be included in the memory
3. A job while learning to be engaged in more than one subject
4. Factors that reduce attention to focus (attention deficit and anxiety states)
5. Give importance to our business
6. Messy and chaotic in working order
7. Learning and memory retention techniques lack of enough knowledge

We have listed these factors, making it difficult to remember what we’ve learned, compares us with the problem of what we call amnesia. These factors include; alcohol, insomnia, the thyroid gland, such as depression ingredients can also be added.


The benefit of forgetting
always a bad thing to forget some People should not be perceived as. Actually, the negative effects of people on the basis of a condition that is quite useful for forgetfulness. People assume that you don’t forget the bad things that happened. In this case, to live a life that is filled with the person’s problems will be inevitable.Remember when we look from this perspective is quite useful.


Blocking techniques to forgetfulness
-forgetfulness there are things that can be done to prevent something, when I put the memory attention and concentration to move to phase line come. If they are given so much attention to a subject, the subject will be remembered and the easier it will be received into memory so easily. Other things around so it should not become a distraction.

-A subject of importance to that live in our memory and it will be so much easier to remember about it for so long. So, it is important when learning something that try to collect your energy.

-There are methods of recall by association. In this case, the memory for familiar objects by establishing something in your life that you took with you can make a link between the easy to remember. For example, you memorize a phone number, that number will remind you of a thing that, for example, your date of birth, credit card password, date of marriage based on numbers such as, it is possible to memorize it easier.

The recorded information will make it difficult for you to remember to memorize a lot of things.


Foods that are good for forgetfulness
“forgetfulness foods that are good for” brain and other organs which are known to be beneficial to omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in foods that are rich consists of a chain of. Foods that are good for forgetfulness are listed below:

Blueberries: blueberries are a fruit that research on brain oxidative stress by protecting against age-related forgetfulness is the cause of revealed. Consuming blueberries on a regular basis also, there are research results that increase learning capacity and motor skills is working on. You can eat a handful of blueberries a day to strengthen your memory.

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Deep sea fish: rich in omega 3 fatty acids and tons of oily such as salmon, deep-sea fish are well known to forgetfulness. Which are also a good source of protein, providing a significant contribution to the protection of the general health of these fish. Fish meal 2-3 times per week will help protect your memory for a long time to consume.

Nuts: rich in vitamin E and fatty acids that slow down cognitive decline with age cases, which are among the foods recommended for nuts and seeds struggling with forgetfulness.Walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds eat a handful of nuts every day one of such as will contribute to the protection of the memory.

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Whole grains: like any organ, your brain needs regular blood flow in order to get enough oxygen. Oatmeal, whole-grain breads such as brown rice and whole grains provides protection against atherosclerosis by lowering bad cholesterol, adversely affecting the flow of blood. Change white bread with whole wheat bread, whole wheat bread or long-term memory is a good step to be taken for the protection of.

Pomegranate juice: antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice is found in the body that disrupts the cell structure and “free radicals” that provides effective protection against. The antioxidant effect of pomegranate juice in oranges, strawberries, grapefruit is good for in fruits such as forgetfulness and protect brain cells. Sour pomegranate juice, mix it with water you can drink half.

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green Tea: tea contains half the caffeine of coffee it increases the concentration of Yesil, mood and forgetfulness brings up is good. A fresh brew of tea with antioxidant properties protect the brain and other organs green should be bottled and sold as tea green is quite small and because it contains the effect of food chemicals may do more harm than good. You can drink tea hot or cold after green.

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Dark chocolate: Yesil tea, pomegranate juice, and citrus fruits, such as dark chocolate are among the foods with the influence of antioxidants that help protect your memory. Of caffeine in addition increases the concentration and gives you energy. But in order to benefit from the positive effects of chocolate on 50%-70% cocoa dark chocolate which contains you should eat. More chocolate may do more harm than good, therefore, that experts 10-15 grams per day to eat chocolate, that would be enough, they say.

Spinach: spinach is rich in folic acid and minerals, improves memory, and forgetfulness may reverse. Folic acid and the Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, age-related forgetfulness has an important place among the vitamins recommended for the treatment of. Needs folic acid spinach raw 1 cup 60% of meets.

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Apple: the varieties of an antioxidant “quercetin-rich apples, red onion and broccoli are among the foods recommended to improve memory. Broccoli is also a good source of folic acid.

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Tomatoes: Lycopene, found in tomatoes is a powerful antioxidant, which contribute to the development of dementia and, in particular, provides protection against cell damage caused by free radicals.

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