Causes Of Anxiety Disorders

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Anxiety disorders why they are afraid of people they don’t know is inappropriate to the situation or concerns


What Is Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorders in anxiety do not correspond to the situation of the person. Anxiety disorders, more specific sub-categories are divided into. These are more common specific phobias.

Specific phobia, the intense fear of something that makes the person likely to be immobile in the face, an extreme and irrational fear. Another important other type of fear social phobia. About to perform in front of other people or social situations is the fear of excessive and inappropriate.

Fear of open spacessocial phobia a type of anxiety disorder is more limited than that. Being alone or being in public places or other situations that require separation from the source of a security for multiple less common and intense fears, but a more restrictive containing a type of anxiety disorder.

Also another type of anxiety disorder repeated sharpening with panic attacks panic attacksstop. Recurrent, sudden, unexpected, and overwhelming feelings of intense fear or dread experienced without any cause manifests itself. Generalized anxiety disorder, any that have not been initiated by a particular object or situation, long-term, intensive, and vague fears.

Many different a type of anxiety disorder obsessive compulsivestop. Involuntary thoughts which the person attempts to stop them, despite ritualistic behaviors continue or where you feel you have to do is slightly different and could become a routine makes the person immobile.

The other two type of anxiety disorders causes it to be very stressful events. The anxious response immediately after the incident if the diagnosis acute stress disorder after the event, if it happens post-traumatic stress disorder.

kaygi bozukluklari turleri - Causes Of Anxiety Disorders


Causes Of Anxiety Disorders

Plays a key role in finding out the causes of anxiety, we can say that internal psychological conflicts. Many psychoanalytic theorist, therefore, largely focuses on these conflicts. From an evolutionary perspective, the psychologists believe that through evolution we are prone to intense fears of linking with certain stimulants; according to them, the origin of fear.

However, from a biological perspective psychologists who reviews, phobic or obsessive is equal to the opportunity to learn slightly different behaviors, even when some people building up unrealistic fears, some of them pointed out that they had developed. Therefore, these disorders are due to a family move, anxiety disorders can be inherited predisposition to believe that.

Anxiety disorders cognitive psychologists believe that they have control over stressful events in life, it is observed that individuals who were likely to show.

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