Causes of headache

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Everyone has headaches from time to time. This pain is sometimes severe and sometimes mild, but most of the time, is the poison of life… And what are the reasons? When should we see a doctor? What is the most accurate way to treatment? Today I’ll try to give you the answers to these questions…

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Formations in the brain

The brain tumors headaches are very severe and bleeding. This table usually numbness in the body pain, loss of strength, symptoms such as slurred speech and loss of vision are also added. Must refer you to a neurologist or a brain surgeon.


Sheath into the vascular of the brain the result of a rise in blood pressure, his blood pressure leads to pain that begins in the back of the head. This pain is relieved by taking blood pressure medication and blood pressure patients immediately recognizes. Should be evaluated by a cardiologist for treatment.

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Headaches neck

Usually in the aftermath of increased tension, starting at the neck and head pain all over. If left untreated, flattened the curve of the neck, hernia, joint problems, muscle tension, coming out of the back of your neck and the vertebral arteries supplying the brain leads to stress. An MRI of a patient taken when examining a neck, the diagnosis is easily put.

Teeth and jaw problems

Disorders of the teeth, abscesses, problems in the jaw bones also can cause headaches. Eating, chewing gum so after the strain of your jaw muscles, or headache may occur. The reason, is hit by a vessel of a nerve that goes right to the face. You must refer to specialists in Neurology and algology.

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Causes of pain with percentages

Within a year, which is the percentage of patients who go to the doctor because of the headaches, so the headache that occurs if we take the percentages in the first place, the head neck welded in the network emerge.

1 – Neck headache (70%)

2 – migraine headache (10%)

3 – Sinüzit (yüzde 7)

4 – Hypertension (5%)

5 – The formation in the brain (3 percent)

6 – trigeminal neuralgia (2%)

7 – teeth of the jaw induced headaches (2 percent)

8 – Other (1 percent)


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