Causes of Muscle Twitching

causes of muscle twitching - Causes of Muscle Twitching

Causes of Muscle Twitching

The involuntary contraction of nerve fibers of the muscle group is called iz muscle twitching Kas. Muscular twitches known as a common condition are basically harmless. However, in order to avoid any problems in daily life, it is a matter of priority. Areas where muscle twitching is frequently seen include areas such as legs, hands and feet, Causes of Muscle Twitching  - Causes of Muscle Twitchingfingers, eyes and eyelid. It has been determined that muscle twitches, whose cause cannot be determined in a scientific sense, increase in case of recurrence of certain conditions. In particular, excessive caffeine consumption, stress, anxiety disorders are among the major causes of muscle twitching. Occasionally, muscle twitches may occur over the following conditions:

• Days of sleeplessness 
• Sleep disorders 
• Thyroid hormone disorders 
• Anxiety

Psychological and mental stress 
• Low calcium 
• Muscle weakness 
• Excessive pace of work 
• Vitamin and mineral deficiency

Treatment of Muscle Twitches

2 2 - Causes of Muscle TwitchingCertain issues must be taken into consideration for the termination of muscle twitches. In particular, taking adequate sleep, reducing caffeine, creating a healthy diet plan are among the situations that people should be aware of. Considering this order, however, if muscle twitches are still present, medical examination is necessary. The reasons for the emergence of this situation in the hospital will be explained first. Blood tests may be requested from the patient to see the operation of the thyroid gland. In addition, MRI and CT scans of some patients will be required. In this way, studies can be started to treat the disease.


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