Cerebral vascular disease what is it and what are the symptoms

WHAT IS CEREBRAL VASCULAR DISEASE - Cerebral vascular disease what is it and what are the symptoms

Vascular diseases of the brain, known as cerebral-vascular diseases, blood vessels in the brain due to various reasons, temporarily or permanently, the obstruction.


Vascular disease of the brain or cerebrovascular disease , known as cerebral-vascular diseases, various reasons blood vessels in the brain, depending on the symptoms that arise in the event of temporary or permanent blockage. Cerebral vascular diseases, carotid artery and other arteries feeding the brain and the cerebellum are directly affected. This narrowing or blockage of vital blood vessels as a result of cerebral palsy (stroke) may be subject to.Known as cerebral palsy, stroke, transient as it may be may be permanent.

Cerebral vascular diseases, which is thought to be influenced by genetic factors more common to men than women. If you need to make an assessment in terms of age although it is more common in people over middle age can be severe.

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Samar incidence cerebral diseases with different from society to society, according to the research results, as a cause of death 3. the disease is considered while 1 of the disability as the cause. it is stated that took place. Fairly common diseases cerebral-vascular diseases in the Western world, which is one of the 120 or 200 per hundred thousand in some countries often arise. In Turkey, every year, 60,000 persons of cerebral vascular disease is noted.

Confusion patients with stroke, slurred speech, vision changes, weakness, loss of balance, and paralysis is observed. However, these symptoms of obstruction or bleeding occurring in the brain varies from person to person. The size of the affected area or small depending on the size there are differences in the severity of the disease.

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Cerebral vascular diseases of the brain or hemorrhage arise as a result of the blockage in the blood vessels. Hypertension, cerebral vascular diseases have played an influential role many factors, such as obesity, has many risk factors.

Which is the main cause of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cerebral vascular diseases plays an effective role in the development of. Damages such as the formation of plaque in blood vessels due to high blood pressure and contraction occur. Called hypertension, high blood pressure in the vessels in the brain to cause ruptures, can cause bleeding. For this reason, cerebral vascular diseases, high blood pressure should be continuously monitored and will constitute an effective measure against a regular treatment.

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One of the reasons of cerebral vascular diseases is diabetes. Vascular structure and blood sugar levels to be unstable due to continuously higher levels of fouling may cause a variety of functions in blood clotting. For this reason, it is imperative that patients with diabetes regularly be under medical supervision. Otherwise increases the risk of cerebral vascular diseases in the group that can take place.

The trigger point for many diseases which is obesity, cerebral vascular diseases manifests itself. Unbalanced and uncontrolled weight gain, the rate of cerebral vascular diseases adversely affect the health of the body and could put on the invitation. Therefore patients are encouraged to lose weight obesity always under strict medical supervision.

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Alcohol and smoking is a cause of many diseases, including vascular diseases such as bad habits. Cerebrovascular risk factors, especially smoking, is located at the beginning of.Cigarette consumption, as well as excessive alcohol consumption had a negative impact on heart health and heart rhythm disorder and is caused by damage to the vessel wall.

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Symptoms it varies from patient to patient it is of great importance in certain areas in the brain to be affected by these differences. According to the affected area of brain tissue damage, loss of power in the arms and legs, numbness, loss of speech, double vision, loss of balance and symptoms such as are observed.

Loss of balance, numbness and neurological symptoms such as suddenly occurring, in addition to speech impairment, double vision, loss of vision in one eye, loss of consciousness and symptoms such as speech-to-speech are observed in case should consult a doctor immediately.

  • Temporary dizziness
  • Vision loss
  • Speech disorders
  • Memory problems
  • Like pins and needles, but permanent
  • Weakness
  • Loss of balance
  • Headache

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Described in the form of temporarily or permanently blocking vessels in the brain cerebrovascular disease treatment varies from patient to patient. If congestion occurs within the first 6 hours after the sick is brought to the hospital a vasodilator therapy (thrombolysis) can be applied. However, the late introduction of the patient to the hospital, or obstruction due to bleeding should occur, in such cases treatment is not possible.

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Persons brought to the hospital immediately to be observed symptoms of cerebral embolism is quite important. In some cases, the patient to the hospital is also a vasodilator therapy mentioned early is replaced. Tests and examinations that are made for the implementation of the treatment must be received a positive response from all. The reason for this is remember, early detection and treatment saves lives.



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