Character According To Blood Group Features

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Character According To Blood Group Features

Perhaps the most important item of the human body, the blood of our body sine qua non of 7-8% from the blood occurs. Even a drop of blood, can create profound changes in people’s lives. Red-colored, has undertaken the most important task in the body of the fluid circulating in our veins, is to transport oxygen to the cells. Also carries substances in the body that are important for the body and help in disposing of membrane materials. Almost instantly the tears is a keeper of healing in the arteries, blood…

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Looking at the numerical data about blood:
-Of every 100 people, about 40% to 0 RH positive,
-Out of every 100 people 7% 0 RH-negative,
-Out of every 100 people 34% A RH positive,
-Out of every 100 people 6% a RH negative,
-8 of every 100 people B RH positive,
-1 out of every 100 people B RH negative,
-3 of every 100 people AB RH positive,
-Of every 100 people 1% have the blood type ab RH negative is observed.

Oldest blood type 0 Group. 0 Group “the hunter”, a group of “farmer” Group B “nomadic” group, and the EU is “modern” has been named as.

The characteristics of blood groups were examined, interesting results emerged. People who carry the blood of that group, self-confident, courageous people they are, they have a limited and sensitive people in a group structure, compatible with those others in the Group B, and group communication and creative ideas they have high people in the EU, most people determined that they are attractive and interesting.

Now let us consider in detail the properties of the character according to blood groups:
2067 kan grubu ab olanlar daha sansli 3085155 6971 300 300x239 - Character According To Blood Group Features0 Group: Strong, durable, highly self-confident, courageous and optimistic people. Almost like a chameleon blend into the environment they provide. Who knows how to enjoy life, they make the best use of the blessings of the world. Doesn’t take life seriously, to understand and live gibiymisce him a tune. Fashion, the weather, and don’t have a problem with time alignment. Communication with people is very strong. There is no one on them to form positive relationships. They use it to the end of the possibilities given to them. The objectives can easily reach without much effort. Three ideas spikes and trends.Possess a healthy metabolism. The guidance of the people in the group to have leadership skills necessary for success 0 is one of the key characteristics.

Group a: communities and crowded to cope with the tensions of rural life has emerged. Psychological some of the features of this group, is composed of personnel with the needs of a massive crowded environments. So harmonious creation. Is perceptive. People who like to make research carries this blood type. All are susceptible to changes in the outside world. This extreme sensitivity, in conflict with the environment and the people in this group if it is entered in reverse tepmek.When exhausted the capacity to withstand the events around them, and most pitiful of society when they have experienced difficulty sleeping, poor people.

The most important key features is sharing. Whatever they had of their own, never sharing them with their friends. Throws into problems, don’t share it with anyone. Accordingly, the blood groups are the most suitable ones to get depressed. That is fewer than those in the other groups also have a group of people flu is an indisputable fact.

2067 kan gruplari 300x372 - Character According To Blood Group FeaturesGroup B: the fusion of races in societies over time, new soil and climate, faced with the first B in order to sustain life, harmonious and creative they needed to be. B groups, life history groups as a layout owner and resident of a comfort-loving, they are not. People in this group also indicates the structure that has stability less than 0 Group.

Other blood groups will supply biologically a more cohesive structure. At the forefront of rationality in behavior that are systematic, regular, and strong-willed to live life like that. Is not affected by the opinions of others, they will implement their own decisions. Being the dominant power, and I like managing people. Stubborn and stiff temperament with military service because they are the authority, expertise, tutored, and management of such things as they do. The individuals who have advanced capabilities to be able to empathize.

European Group: This group is limited and B is a result of the combination of a balanced sensitive. Because of this, some character pieces. All the properties of the other three groups are gathered in a manner that is complex and complicated. Until faced with a strong discipline to achieve a balanced structure wavering, capricious, fickle and inconsistent personality maintain. Pay attention to their surroundings, to care about them and that they have the ability to think logically social attitude can lead to success. They’re not fussy. The most interesting and the most attractive blood. From this group there is not much people in the world.The world’s population, approximately 5% of constitute. Also, this group is the newest blood groups.

The Relationship Between Blood Type And Personality
Of Japanese experts, according to a survey of blood groups appeared to be nothing to do with the human personality. Japanese experts, “there is a link between personality and Chemistry of the human body. Blood groups is one of them. by saying”have made.

A group Woman: loves kids constantly because they ignore their wives and their children are interested. Jealous of spending money. Like the changes.
Group: a man with a good friend and a speaker. Regular would prefer to live. A stickler for peer selection.
Group B Woman: too skimpy or too light, or about money.
Group B Male: hates a restriction of freedom. Respect for women is endless. Want a happy family. The structure has a very particular about food.
EU the woman in the group: SUSE is fond of. Frugal about money. Beautiful tableware is very good at cooking and preparing.
The EU group of the man: Authoritarian, an individual who wants to take the rest of the words in the word family. Tolerant and stable structure. She likes to help his wife with the housework.
The woman in the 0 Group: when you get a little older, the children immediately want to return to working life. Doesn’t like to cook. Kitchen by reducing costs prefer to get yourself some new clothes.
0 Group man: so jealous. The crowd doesn’t like to get involved. Vibrant, ambitious and hardworking. Gifts by taking his wife constantly surprises.

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