Chicken Bits

Chicken Bits

Chicken bits, more domesticated poultry such as chickens. Chicken lice are parasites feeding them by sticking them blood. Done by making a bath get out and they can protect themselves from roaming chickens, a tiny bit of soil.

The chicken bits reproduces how?
Chicken lice reproduction the spawning form. Can lay 100 eggs per day. These eggs can become adult in a week. Chicken lice are normally colorless. After it has absorbed blood, bright red in color. Blood suction 1-1,5 hours. It is able to live without food for 4 to 5 months. Chickens cause it to itch constantly. Chicken poultry supplies chicken coop with a clean lice you can come up with a new or newly imported. Chicken lice can be transmitted to humans. At the same time there is the risk of disease transmission. Chicken bitsstruggle with is so important. The person will live for a long time even after the chicken is gone. In humans, this parasite will only make the redness and itching. Blood sucking will not be the situation.
Chicken lice getting rid of and preventing

Set continuous to protect against chicken lice must be clean.

tavuk biti - Chicken Bits

Especially the haunting of the coop for chickens is more important. Leaving the chicken for a bit longer powerless because of the blood-sucking can lead to death. At the same time will decrease the quality of spawning. In a way the chickens can go out, who can clean themselves. In the past, chicken in combating lice pesticides has been used. Use materials that will threaten human health has been identified but for a long time. Chicken lice hiding in the cracks and sometimes the cracks in the coop for hours outside feeding the drugs may not be effective.The newly developed system is manufactured and used inside the chickens with drugs that do not harm them. Within 50 days after the onset of pesticide shall be free from lice. Chicken by calling a veterinarian to get rid of lice if you are not experienced, you can learn what kind of exterminator to hire. Bit types spraying spraying liquid, gel spraying, spraying may be in the form of scented and unscented. If you get the bits over you, even though your wound with the soap and the shampoo from the pharmacy bit, you can absolve yourself.

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