Chronic Fatigue

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What is chronic fatigue? What are the symptoms and causes of chronic fatigue? What are some ways to get rid of chronic fatigue?

What Is Chronic Fatigue?

Everyday activities at a certain rate, each of us tires. When we rest, we’ll we obtain the tiredness and the old dynamism. If we have enough rest if symptoms seems to have’, and especially if you are having a problem getting up in the morning, unexplained pains, if you are feeling exhausted if you feel you have chronic fatigue you were a patient that the chance is very high. When taken under severe chronic fatigue treatment of neurological disorderscan cause.


kronik yorgunluk 3 - Chronic Fatigue

Studies of people with chronic fatigue from strenuous activities for a long time, work life, stay away from VB, although without a change in their status was observed.


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Symptoms Of Chronic Fatigue

  • People are motivated and have trouble remembering,
  • Feels pain in his throat,
  • The reason unspeaking pain muscle pulls
  • Feels pain in the joints,
  • Strong headaches that is exposed
  • The reluctance of awakening in the morning and not in the rest wakes up
  • Itself feels energized most of the time.



On suspicion of chronic fatigue in themselves who feel these symptoms, you should consult an expert. Moralsizlik and for some reason temporary fatigue can be circumvented in a state of a short time. However, chronic fatigue; 6-7 monthsup to a sport, and psychological help can be resolved with vitamins.


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Causes Of Chronic Fatigue

According to the research of experts, one of the factors that cause most of this disease based on a virus(bronchitis, colds, tonsillitis and ear problems) disorders. So, it was thought that chronic fatigue might cause weakness in the immune system. The emergence and growth proves the default status of the problem of chronic fatigue. Also nervous disorders, muscle and bone problems in the structure, environmental factors, adverse conditions such as stress chronic fatigue can reveal.In addition, environmental pollution, psychological factors, allergic factors, Nov and skeletal problems in the system and, most importantly, intense stress, chronic fatigue syndrome may be the initiating factors.


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